Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Life Lately

So our cable box on the main level has been broken for the last week. We had something after work pretty much every day so we didn't get a chance to call our cable provider until Saturday afternoon. We were also dreading the call because last time our cable box broke and we called DISH they were incredibly rude to us and wanted to charge us $85 for a new one. We ended up cancelling our service altogether. It was long overdue anyways because after the first year our rates went up and they would not budge on price (like we were told they would if we called). We signed up with U-verse and were pleasantly surprised with their prices ($50 cheaper AND included internet!) and their customer service. We didn't know how they would react to the cable box debacle and were pleasantly surprised again! They apologized for the inconvenience and sent a new cable box for no extra charge. Satisfied customer, right here. And, no, I did not get paid to say that.

So the only functioning TVs are in the basement and the basement. Well, it has been COLD in these parts so the basement has been frigid even with the heat cranked up and the blankets piled on.

Our solution: We took the main TV and put it in our bedroom upstairs. It was awesome. I love watching TV in bed.

In other news, we can only watch On Demand shows and live TV. No recorded shows. Life is so hard, I know. I am up to date now on CougarTown and Duck Dynasty. I have read a lot more and did some baking, even! I made blueberry and strawberry muffins and they were a huge hit!

Wow. Did I really just talk about our TV situation for this long? I'm sorry. First world problems.

We just finished the Not a Fan Bible Study at work. Whoa. It was powerful and I highly recommend it! We started Who is this Man? By John Ortberg with our small group last week and I am really loving it.
I can't believe this Sunday is Easter. It came so fast! 

Garth and I are toying with the idea of trying out a new church. We LOVE our church, but it is a satellite campus and sometimes it just feels a bit disconnected. There is a new non denominational church in town that we are planning on trying out after Easter. No harm in checking it out. I can't remember the last time we went to a different church.

Garth and I have been walking 2 miles after work every evening. I love this habit we picked back up!


Rebecca Jo said...

That's a very nice habit to be in! Especially when warmer weather comes, it'll be great!

We love visiting other churches when we get a chance.

The Pink Growl said...

Those muffins look delish! Good for you guys for walking every night!

Lauren said...

LOVE Ducky Dynasty!!!!! :)