Friday, March 29, 2013

Fit Friday: Operation 40


I don't know why, but this quote really stuck with me this week as I am in the process of losing weight. When I get tempted and want to throw in the towel I remember this quote and realize I don't want to look back in two months and wish I had started.

The stats this week:

Pounds Lost: 0 lbs
Pounds to Go: 36 lbs

Yeah, I didn't lose anything. But I also didn't gain either so I'm trying to just look at the positive right now. It will be a long journey, but I know what I need to do and I just need to do it. This week I didn't work out as hard as I usually do. I walked 2 miles everyday, but that is all I did. I also ate more along the lines of 1500 calories so I know I need to buckle down next week and I will. I didn't meal plan this week so that always sets me up for failure. The key is not giving up. Keep on keeping on. Next week will be better!

My plan is to continue my fitness routine that I was doing. It was working! I just slightly fell off of it this week due to busyness. I'll go back to 1200 calories and working out more intense and I know by sticking to that I will lose about two pounds a week which means by the end of May I could be 20 pounds down and back in my old clothes and at a weight I can stand. I'm determined. I'm ready. This is not a set back. I didn't gain. I just need to keep pressing on!


LWLH said...

Got to look at the positives....I lost about 8 lbs... but gained some back...I just have to keep going though.

Shanny said...

Ha, I have this quote written by my mirror and my calendar, it really gets me going ;)
My year is coming up soon though, o.0