Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Pinterest Love

I love Pinterest. Borderline addicted, maybe. So come follow me at Linds216! Here is what I'm loving lately:

I am obsessed with a good cheese plate:


I now want to paint our counter tops with this paint:


This is just so true:


I adore this house:


Note to self: Must make this Mexican Lime Soup ASAP:


This just seems amazing and I need to read and reorganize next December on my third annual staycation:


What are you loving on Pinterest these days?


Shanny said...

Ahhh Pinterest!
Good stuff, love the good marriage quote, and yummy cheese, and OMG that soup!

Renise said...

I'm definitely a Pinterest addict!
That countertop paint is AMAZING! We used it in our rental after the previous tenants left them looking a hot mess. They didn't have the stainless steel color when we did it. But it was super easy to put on and it doesn't look super high end, but it does look nice - not cheap!We have new tenants not so we'll see how it holds up!