Thursday, January 17, 2013

Random Musings

1.       So I was on my way to work yesterday and stopped to put in gas… and realized I didn’t have my purse. FAIL. I turned around and headed back home to grab it and called Garth to let him know I was on my way back to grab my purse. He didn’t answer. I figured he was still sleeping. I jumped out the car and unlocked the front door and was charged by Garth. He thought I was a robber. Luckily he realized it was me before he tackled me. It was so funny. If there is one thing we are scared about it is being robbed and Garth was NOT expecting me to come back home fifteen minutes after I had left.

2.       Garth’s birthday is next Friday. I can’t believe how quickly January is going which is fine by me because I hate winter. The best things about winter are celebrating Garth’s birthday and our anniversary. Oh and my brother’s birthday and our 2 year house-iversary. I am thinking about making him Rachel’s Lemon Bars. I’m not much of a baker since mymom is the best. But I think I can handle two ingredients!

3.         But I bet Garth is going to make me want to make Magic Bars. Garth loved when my mom would make them. I got the recipe from her and made them for him one birthday and he ate the entire pan. So magic bars have been banned in our house for a while, but I suppose I could make an exception for his 31st birthday.

4.       Thank you all so much for your advice on the kitchen cabinets decision of 2013. I am not sure what we are going to do... We are the WORST decision makers ever. But funny story. My mom and dad were driving my grandma home from church and out of the blue my grandma said, "I hope Lindsey doesn't paint her kitchen cabinets!"

5.        Garth has started the 300 Workout regimens. I have started doing the Shred again. Gosh, I missed Jillian. Day six of Level 1, bring it! It is always my fallback workout because I lost twenty pounds the first time I did it. Ten pounds the second time I did it and hopefully the most I ever have this time around. It’s just a great workout. Intense. Short. Effective.

6.       I have seriously been debating quitting the blog. I love writing, though I would never call myself a writer. I enjoy the advice and sweet comments from all of you and the friendships I have gained. I adore the encouragement and accountability in my weight loss journeys. But I just do not like having a lot of my life on display like this. I know I will look back and be glad I documented so much of my married life here, but at the same time it makes me uncomfortable. Especially the rude comments. That really gets me. I had the judgment and negativity I sometimes receive. I take it personal. Ultimately, the good outweighs the bad.  I enjoy writing. I enjoy documenting life and will be glad I did when I look back at our early married years. I already look back at my first year of blogging and laugh at all the funny memories of our first year of marriage. It’s worth you. You guys that read and comment and encourage and inspire me make it worth it. Thank you.


BJM said...

I understand your concerns about blogging--and putting your life out there for all to see--and I can't imagine how hard the negative criticism is, but just know that I really enjoy following along with you. I love your recipes, decor thoughts, DIY projects, movie/tv suggestions, fitness tips, etc. I would really miss reading if you quit blogging.

Crystal said...

Well I hope you continue blogging as I have enjoyed reading your posts over the past year. I love The Shred dvd also...Jillian rocks!

Shell said...

I am a lurker but I felt the need to say I love reading your blog. I wish people were not so hateful with comments, that is just not necessary.

katie + bret said...

oh my gosh who is rude to you?! people leave you mean comments?! that is just crazy... i'm sorry sweetie. if you went away i would miss you BUT i would also understand.

Elizabeth said...

I understand 100% about the debate to continue blogging. It's always a thought in the back of my mind. I like it for documenting things for our families and sharing recipes, friendships, etc but sometimes I wonder if it's good for our family. I have no intention of stopping right now but know that you aren't alone. I, too, enjoy reading your blog and would certainly miss you if you stopped writing. :)