Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Wedding Wednesday!

Garth and I have a new rule in our household. Be your best at home. What does that mean? It means that we have found we give our best at work. We are “on” all day long. Smiling. Working hard. Social. Friendly. Then we come home and are spouse sees our worst. We are cranky. Tired. Short. I have caught myself in this trap and I have caught Garth in the same trap. We snap at each other. Complain. Just get cranky with each other and when one of us is in a bad mood the other will soon follow suit.

Thus the new rule. We have to be our best at home too. Not just at work. Our spouse should not see the worst of us. They deserve the best of us too. Maybe it will take a bit of extra energy. Maybe it means a quiet drive home to let the day of work go so you can be present at home. For me I usually listen to music really loud and sing obnoxiously loud along with it to de-stress from the day. But if I have an unusually tough day or had been on the phone all day long then I just put the radio off and enjoy the quiet. The calm.

Garth and I go for a walk after dinner. Even if we don’t feel like it because we’re tired. It always relaxes us and gives us the time to talk about our day, laugh, and enjoy each other’s company. It is a conscious effort to be present. To be friendly. To give our best after a long day, but it’s worth it. We are more connected, more in sync, and feel better overall.


Charlie's Mommy (Beth) said...

I love this new rule. I just got married after 6 years of being with my husband. My perspective has changed about how I should treat him since we married. I love this because this is exactly what I feel like I should be doing.

Rebecca Jo said...

You are so right... the night time spent together is usually decompressing, yelling about the day... that's not productive at all.

I love this idea!!!!
Thank you for this!

Lauren said...

Love this!!!! :)

Lauren said...

such a great new rule! it was recently brought to my attention that even on the days I stay home with Elyse sometimes I spew everything from my day at Nick...definitely not something he wants to walk in from work to!

thanks for the reminder!