Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Wedding Wednesday

Last Wednesday I talked about the struggle most men face and how we can support our husbands’ in the battle. This week I want to talk about the woman’s battle that I believe women face. Most (but not all) women are relational. God made us that way. God is relational.

The problem is when we get emotionally involved in an unhealthy way. A co-worker at my old job became very good friends with her male co-worker. They started eating lunch together every day and talking about their days. They started hanging out after work. They spent a lot of time together during work hours and became affectionate with each other. People started to talk. Their relationship had grown much deeper than it should have and people started to notice. Even complain. A casual friendship turned into a full blown affair.  Then his wife found out. He was fired and she resigned. His wife left him. Her husband stayed by her and they are working it out.

All that to say, I think it could have all been avoided if they had set some boundaries. I work mostly with men, but I keep my guard up. Sure, I’m friendly. We chit chat about our daily lives. I can ask them for advice on house issues. We can laugh. But it doesn’t get too personal. The conversations are brief and there is never a lunch with just me and a male co-worker.

I just do not want to get emotionally attached. I want to give Garth my best and if I spend all day talking I’m not going to want to talk to Garth when I get home. I want to save my best for Garth. I want to give him my full attention and keep our relationship growing and thriving.


Anne said...

Good for you Lindsey. I've had lunch alone a few times with my boss, and it's nothing, but Jill was reminding me that even though I don't have a marriage to protect of my own, shouldn't I help protect his? I thought that was really great.

Anonymous said...

I have grown up with all brothers, and always had male friends. Have I ever had a desire to have a relationship with any of these male friends. Absolultly not.

People need to be held accountable for their actions. I love my husband, I never wanted to marry a single person until my husband. I knew he was the one from the first meeting.

So I am able to maintain the caring relationship that any human has with a friend. And the special relationship I have with my husband because the only person on this planet who holds any thoughts of more then friends is my husband. s an adult you have to know that just because other people make mistakes, doesn't mean you would follow the same ones.