Monday, December 31, 2012

Closet Organization

I had all last week off and the first thing I did was tackle my closet. It was getting out of control and stressing me out.

Here is the before of my unorganized closet:

The first thing I did was go through my clothes and create a pile of everything I haven't worn in a year to donate:

I organized my closet by dresses, tank tops, t-shirts, dress shirts, long sleeved shirts, and jackets:

As much as I love a color coordinatoed closet, this just works better for me. Next I organized my shelves of pants by skirts and shorts, dark and light denim, patterened and solid dress pants:

The after:

I'm ashamed to admit this... but this isn't all my clothes either. I also organized the office closet with my winter clothes:

The top rack is sweaters and the bottom rack is sweatshirts and fleeces:

Success! I love being organized again. How do you organize your closets? Anyone else reorganize in December>December?


Lauren said...

Love a good organized closet! I need to do the whole "if I haven't worn in a year, toss it out" thing at my house...I keep way too much stuff!

Anonymous said...

I desperately need to do some closet organization but we are moving at the end of January so I think I'll just get it organized in the new house. It stresses me out too much right now. Happy New Year! :)

Café Moka said...

Love your organized closet@ My closet is so tiny and I would love to do something like that!