Thursday, November 8, 2012

Thirteen on Thursday

1. I made this Crock Pot Caramel Apple Cider last night for small group and it was incredible. It also made my house smell delicious. Fall at its finest, in deed!

2. It looks like they caught the i-96 shooter. Praise the Lord!

3. Exciting news at work. I have been upgraded to three monitors and it is life changing.

4. Garth and I are planning a beach vacation in February. We are currently looking at Destin, the Keys, and the surrounding Florida areas.

5. I don't go to the movies often at all, but we are planning on going this weekend to see Skyfall. I am a sucker for a good action movie and this one has received great reviews. I will admit Daniel Craig isn't my favorite James Bond, but I do like him.

6. I think this would be the cutest Christmas card EVER. If you know, I had a child. And he was a boy. And around this age.

7. I can't believe I haven't talked about this yet but the CMAs were last week and they were amazing. I adore country music so much and the night did not disappoint. Highlights - Zac Brown Band (duh), and Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisly doing Gangnam style.

8. I cannot believe it's already Thursday. This week is flying by. Actually, this year is flying by. How can it be November already?!

9. There is so much cute Christmas stuff on Pinterest but I can't go there yet. I need to focus on Thanksgiving.

10. I feel like such a mean wife. I hid the Halloween candy from Garth for two weeks and now I'm refusing to let him put the Christmas tree up until after we host Thanksgiving.

11. I mean look at these strawberry snowmen! How can you not get excited for Christmas?!

(No Source listed)
12. Your comments on the dog issue were so kind and helpful. It was a really tough call and Garth and I were really bummed about it and torn up. We will find the right one for us, I know it! In other news, my coworkers know about the dog story too and I came in this morning to this on my computers:

13. Thank you guys sooooo much for all of your help with Thanksgiving plans! You guys seriously rock my socks off. I am sure you will hear from me soon on more decisions I need to make because you guys are smart and I genuinely appreciate your comments and advice!


Rebecca Jo said...

I didnt know how much I'd love 2 monitors until I had it... 3? You're blowing my mind! :)

So glad they caught that shooter! people are scary!

Melissa said...

I have been vacationing in the FL panhandle (in and around Destin) my entire life and the beaches are SO beautiful! It probably won't be "beach" warm there though in February even though I'm sure compared to Michigan it will feel like a sauna!

Anne said...

love the screen shot your coworkers put up! how fun to have nice people like that to spend a good part of the day with!

Mrs. Newlywed Giggles said...

that would be a very cute christmas picture!

Lauren said...

3 monitors?!? I'm still waiting on my second one, you'd think I'd be able to pull some strings since I work for my dad! ha!

That cider recipe looks delish...I've pinned it for my cookie exchange in a few weeks!

Skyfall is going to be our next date night...I can't wait!

LWLH said...

My sister wants to do that as her Christmas card with my niece has the little pink car like that.

Liz said...

If you're looking for beaches, don't go to Key West. Hardly any beaches and takes forever to get to from Miami (about a 4 hour drive). Still an awesome destination, but not much sand and you'd need to plan accordingly for the drive time. And the demographic there is a lot older.