Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wedding Wednesday

I saw this article: APPLAUD:  7 Ways to Praise Your Husband for 7 Days by Rachel Wojnarowski on Pinterest and loved it so much I wanted to share it here to continually remind myself to applaud Garth daily and never take for granted how much I love and appreciate him. Enjoy!

Day 1: A – Appreciate those physical attributes that attracted you to your husband in the beginning.  Maybe it is still his biceps, or that dark hair, or those intriguing eyes…whatever it is, take notice and tell him!
Day 2: P – Praise his character traits that wouldn’t be visible unless he acted on them.  Some ideas of these types of characteristics are his merciful heart or grace-giving or gentle spirit.  Acknowledging the actions you adore that come from your husband’s character will be much appreciated!
Day 3: P – Promote his position as the leader of your home.  From the time my children have been born, we get excited when Daddy arrives home from work.  No matter what time of day, we drop everything we’re doing and greet him at the door with hugs and kisses.
Day 4: L – “Like” your husband. And I don’t mean “like” him on Facebook.  Although that’s a great idea also… ;)   I mean like his interests enough to be able to compliment him about them.  For instance, when my husband goes for a run, upon his return, I simply ask, “How far did you go?”  And he shares his distance and times.  Then I compliment his distance or time.  Simple, purposeful conversation.
Day 5: A – Acknowledge his accomplishments.  Whether ministry or career or personal, celebrate achievements! Add an extra date night, make a special dessert for after dinner, or write a note simply saying how proud you are that he did it- whatever “it” happens to be.
Day 6: U – Understand the need for affirmation.  Be sensitive to a discouraging day at work or a personal disappointment and find a way to encourage his heart, even when you can’t praise an accomplishment.
Day 7: D – Determine to be positive in your conversations.  Often the “sludge” of the day can get piled up and dumped on your husband as soon as you see him at day’s end. Ease into conversation- I’m not saying you have to hide the sludge- because we both know he will smell it sooner or later. ;)   But determining in advance to be optimistic about the Lord’s direction in an area will assist you in praising your husband even through difficult circumstances.

What are your thoughts on the article? I think the most important part of the article is realizing how important it is to understand our husband's need for affirmation. When I affirm Garth I make him feel like a million bucks, but I tend to forget that because I don't need affirmation. By affirming I am respecting Garth. I tend to give love which is my love language and Garth respects me and it is just a big mess. It takes a concious effort on both our parts to love each other the way we were meant to be loved.

I especially found it difficult to go back to our normal life after the marathon. I got to literally be Garth's biggest cheerleader during the marathon. It was the coolest thing and one of those moments that just bond you to your spouse and you will never forget it. But then life went back to normal. We came home and went back to work and back to the routine of the daily grind. I remember Garth was in his cubicle quietly working after having people shout and cheer for him days before and he was thinking, "Did I really do it? Did that weekend really happen?"

Those days or weeks or weekends when you are apart of something so much bigger than yourself and you realize how amazing life can be and then being shot back into reality of the daily can be an adjustment. I found it be, anyway. I found it a struggle to continue to be Garth's biggest cheerleader even though the marathon is over. Marathon training is over. The big "what's next?" question looms, but as he figures it out I just have to continually be supprotive and encouraging.


Shanny said...

This is great, I do try to make it a habit to praise him and be there for him every so often, I think its important. Of course I don't over do it, cause God knows he would get too big-headed but making an effort is definitely a good idea ;)

Elizabeth said...

Love this post! It is so easy to get wrapped up in the day to day of life & forget that it's the little things that make the most difference.

Anne said...

I really liked this post, and the stuff after the marathon hit me too. It is such an obvious way to praise, but those 7 ways above are great things to do that you CAN do everyday. I love your heart Lindsey.

Lauren said...

i love this post. i pinned this article as well, because I think we can all use a reminder of how important it is to praise & affirm our husbands! In fact, I've decided to whip up some chocolate chip cookies for dessert tonight...just because they're his favorite & it's been a long week! Not sure that's very good for my post-baby weight-loss, but hey, whatever it takes to affirm my husband?!? right? hahaha!