Tuesday, October 23, 2012

U of M vs. MSU

My brother had tickets from work for the U of M vs. Michigan State football game this past weekend and graciously invited Garth to go with him.

This game is a big deal. It's quite the rivalry around here and Michigan State has won the last four years. Michigan State is my Alma Mater so I cheer on MSU, of course. But for some reason Garth is a die hard U of M fan. I think it has something to do with going to the Big House a couple years ago and seeing U of M play live. It was Garth's first introduction to football and that was where his love for it all began. And his love of U of M.

It was a close game and in the last few minutes MSU was winning. I was happy, but felt bad that Garth was at the game and the home team was losing. That's never fun, you know? So I felt kinda bad that he wasn't going to be at a game where the home team won. Then U of M was about to kick a field goal and I realized MSU might actually NOT win this game. Suddenly I didn't feel so bad for Garth and knew my team was in trouble.

Well, MSU did end up losing. We just couldn't pull it together like U of M could. While it would have been nice to win for a fifth time in a row I know it was priceless for Eric and Garth to watch the students rush the field, hear the cheers of an excited crowd, and a passing over of the Paul Bunyan trophy. There is always next year!


Jen Caputo said...

Garth has great taste! Jealous they got to be at the game. We were there last year when U-M beat OSU and that was an amazing experience! We were also there 2 weekends ago when U-M beat Illinois... but we left early because it was a blowout and raining. Oh well, they aren't all exciting wins!

Lauren said...

so fun! a U of M is still on Hubby's bucket list!