Monday, October 1, 2012

Menu Monday

Good Morning friends! Thank you for your  advice and encouragement last week via comments and emails. You guys seriously rock. This week is going to be a great week. I just know it. I have started running, eating more protein and veggies and cutting back on the carbs. I ran three miles Saturday morning and I'm actually still hurting from it!

This is what we ate last week:

Monday – Mediterranean take-out. We had a coupon and it sounded so good that I couldn't resist. I had a falafel sandwich with a few pieces of pita bread and hummus.

Tuesday – Mexican Bowls. I just mixed brown rice, black beans, and avocado and called it a day. It is seriously such a staple around here because it is so easy and filling. Avocados were also 5 for $4 at Walmart so I couldn’t pass that up and they needed to be eaten. I also made these Diet Coke Brownies for small group.

Wednesday – Grilled chicken, edamame and baked potato. We just had to take advantage of the warm weather and grill and sit out on the deck. It was the perfect fall day and it would have been a crime not to! But the best part of the meal? My first caramel apple of the season!

Thursday – Crock Pot Chicken Stew. I actually made this on Wednesday night while our baked potatoes cooked and then stuck in the fridge until Thursday morning when I plugged in the crock. I added zucchini since we had some leftover that I wanted to use up and it was an excellent addition. It made lots of leftovers as well which is always great for lunches.

Friday - Pesto Pasta. I had some artichoke hearts and sun-dried tomatoes I wanted to use up and they were perfect in this dish. If you couldn't tell, this was clean-out-the-fridge week at our house.

What's on your menu?


In This Wonderful Life said...

Mexican bowls sound delicious! I kind of want one right now haha

Lauren said...

Mmm...those caramel apples look delicious!