Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween Costumes 101

Garth and I have never been the couple that went all out for Halloween. We always saved it for the last minute and just threw together whatever we had laying around my parents' house.

Exhibit A. A couple years ago we went to a party with my brother and SIL and we went as old people. Super creative, right?

Last year was probably the lamest of all the costumes we ever through together. Garth was a "Texas fan" which meant just wearing a Texas sweatshirt and hat and I was bee which basically meant I wore the headband and all black. Totally lame!

So this year we wanted to dress up much more creative. It was on my 30 before 30 bucket list afterall! We still waited to the last minute again, of course. I really had my heart set on being Sonny and Cher but it was just getting too stressful trying to pull it all together mere hours before the party so that idea we nixed. I saw a great costume on Amazon of bacon and eggs, but it was on back order and it wouldn't arrive in time so I had to nix that idea as well.

We were at the Halloween store hours before the party trying to figure out what to be. We wanted it to be a couples outfit and we wanted it to be cute and cheap. It was tough finding something cheap and I vowed I would not wait until the last minute next year.

We did end up finding the perfect outfit and bonus! Garth got to have the mustache he wanted. We were a cop and robber:

It was a fun costume and very comfortable. Yes, Garth did make me wear handcuffs into the party we attended but it was funny. We went to our friends' second annual Halloween party and had the best time. There was dancing, laughing, Tigers cheering, drinking, eating, and having fun.

Here are the hosts of the night looking awesome as the Super family!

Fun times. Can't wait for next year!


Café Moka said...

Love your costumes! Such a good idea!

Rachel said...

haha, that's a cute costume pair that you ended up with! And even if it was last minute, that's still better than my husband and I did! We didn't come up with anything this year.

The Pink Growl said...

Love the cop & robber idea - cute!

Lauren said...

so cute! We have never really been into dressing up for Halloween either...wonder if that will change as Elyse gets older?!?

Gwen said...

Love the costume!!! We were going to dress up this year but decided at the last minute that it was too cold. Maybe next year. :)