Friday, October 26, 2012

Fit Friday!

I'm going to take my weight loss one step at a time. Ideally I would like to lose thirty pounds but that seems overwhelming so I plan to break it up into ten pound increments with a reward after each pound increment is met. Garth will be joining me in this quest because we are planning a beach vacation for our five year anniversary in February so we want to make this a lifestyle change and get to our goal weights to look and feel better.

The stats this week:
Total Pounds Lost: 1 lbs
Pounds To Go: 9 lbs

Woohoo! It is nice to see the scale move, even it was just a little bit. I had been maintaining for over a month so I knew something had to change. Garth lost a pound this week too. It is on! I think the biggest reason I had success this week is because Garth is on board with me. It is always easy to resist temptation of snacking, takeout, etc when there isn't any temptation at all. No more chips or Cheez-its in this house. Both of us are committed to meal planning, stocking fruits and veggies in the fridge and not snacking after dinner. It seriously makes all the difference in the world having Garth's support and as a partner on the journey.

I also found this website incredibly helpful. I knew I needed to be honest about what I was eating and log it all daily with MyFitness Pal app so I have been doing that faithfully (even on weekends!) and eating a lot more veggies. The key to success is making it seem like I'm not on a diet which is why I love tracking calories because I can eat whatever I want as long as I stay under 1500 calories. I don't want to feel deprived and I don't feel that way at all right now. I'm constantly finding yummy, healthy recipes from sites like SkinnyMs and Eat Yourself Skinny!

My favorite recipe from this week was Crock Pot White Chicken Chili. I made it last night and it was amazing. The only modifications I made to the recipe was I didn't add the cheese or tortilla chips. I added corn instead and it was so flavorful and filling. I'm looking forward to the leftovers for lunch today!

Funny story, or not so funny actually. I was at the doctor last week for a regular check-up and was telling her how much trouble I was having losing weight. Her response? "Welcome to the club. You are getting older and your metabolism is slowing down so you have to be even more careful about calories in and calories out." Wah wah wah.

My exercise routine has been all over the place. I have just been switching it up a ton and I plan to continue to do that. I'll probably do P90X next week to switch things up again but here was my routine this week:

Sunday - The Shred Level 2
Monday - Elliptical for 30 minutes
Tuesday - The Shred Level 1
Wednesday - Elliptical for 30 minutes
Thursday - The Shred Level 3
Friday - Elliptical for 30 minutes
Saturday - Run 3 miles with Garth.

Just for fun, I will share Garth's workout schedule:

Sunday - Rest
Monday - Run 3 miles
Tuesday - Run 3 miles
Wednesday - Lift weights for 30 minutes
Thursday - Run 3 miles
Friday - Lift weights for 30 minutes
Saturday - Run 3 miles with me

What is your workout schedule look like? Any healthy recipe websites you love?


Mrs. Pedersen said...

Love the idea of breaking down your weight loss into increments. I may try that. Whit Chicken Chili sounds amazing!

Shanny said...

Yay for that pound lost, I think having small goals along the way is very smart. Keep it up! Oh and by the way, I love she is a blogger too with fantastic recipes.

Shanny said...

How can I friend you on MFP?

LWLH said...

Woot Woot for a pound loss! :)

Southern Roots and Combat Boots said...

Girl I started out at 165.5 pounds and had 40 to lose! That was TRUELY overwhelming for someone that never had more than 5 pounds to lose. Oie! So I know what you mean. You look great though!

But I think you and Garth should totally join in on this holiday event on Facebook to help you a long with your goals!!! I'm not sure if you saw this on my blog but I've created an event for the upcoming holidays for people with all different goal sets. We have 22 members who range from the super motivated to the holiday waist watchers! It's a 30 day challenge that's so fun and creative and full of people from all around the world, Italy, Korea, Afghanistan, and many many states! The sign up ends on Sunday evening though at 11:59 pm. As much as I would love an open 30 day challenge, doing a holiday exchange with this event makes having tricklers tough.

Here is the link but I also have a clickable one over on my blog:)

Would be great to have you there!

Café Moka said...

Sounds like a great workout schedule!