Friday, September 7, 2012

Fit Friday: P90X Edition

I love love love P90X!!! Tony is so different than Jillian and it is such a great break. He’s funny, nice, and encouraging. The moves are so much different too and so hard. The only con is the videos are long! They average around 58 minutes, but my yoga video today was an hour and a half. Sheesh! It does go pretty fast but still, so long! I have to get up pretty early to complete it, but I feel great! Well great as in so sore it hurts to walk, raise my arms, turn the steering wheel, laugh, etc.

I love how every day is different which will help with getting bored. Tuesday was core and it was insane. Moves I have never heard of which I love the most. But so good and did I mention hard? Wednesday was cardio and I had heard that people puke after or cannot finish the video. So imagine how great I felt that I only had ten minutes left and was still going. I was dripping in sweat and starting to feel like I was going to be sick, but I was doing it! Well, that last ten minutes about killed me. It got so intense I just could not keep up. I’m okay with that though. It was my first time doing it and I did the best I could.

Thursday was  Arms & Shoulders and Ab Ripper. Well, the Arms & Shoulders DVD was 59 minutes long so I didn’t even have time for the Ab Ripper until after work. I liked the A & S video though. I used five pounds this time and I should have probably used ten during some of the moves. But for the first time I just kept with the five pounds and it was a great workout. It reminded me a lot of the Jari Love videos minus cardio. I was still working up a sweat it was lots of reps which he advises for those on the “lean” plan. For the strength plan he has you use the heaviest weights you can and do 8 reps. So I stuck with lighter weights and did 16 reps each time.

The Ab Ripper video was only sixteen minutes long but it was the most longest sixteen minutes of my life. Okay, I’m being dramatic. It was seriously the most difficult ab video I have ever done and there wasn’t a single plank move! I was cursing Tony when Garth came home from work and started making fun of me. So naturally I made him join me with the rest of the video and he could hardly do it. I could barely do it. That is what frustrates me the most, but I’ll work my way up and soon I’ll be able to do it all.

Today was Yoga and I hate yoga. I don’t have the balance required. I also didn’t have an hour and a half so I’m going to finish the video after work. I did 35 minutes and that was enough for me. It is HARD. Garth was watching me do the yoga while he drank his coffee and he was impressed that I had proper form and kept up. I was proud of myself too and kinda glad he was watching my form. Though I don’t like yoga I look forward to gaining flexibility.

So that is week one of P90X for me. I have really enjoyed the change. I really like Tony too. Even Garth was laughing at some of his goofy antics today. My diet has been going well. I do not like salad so I’ve been filling up on edamame before dinner. I measure out my food for dinner and do not snack afterwards. I think eating more at lunch has helped me at night. I am calorie counting, but I know I’m burning so many calories and I’m eating good calories (fruits, veggies, whole grain, dairy) so I try not to focus on that too much and just listen to my body.

The weekends are always my biggest struggle with eating well so yesterday I stocked up on healthy yet delicious foods so I don’t feel deprived. Tonight I’m making Pesto Pasta and tomorrow we are having Trader Joe Spinach Pie for lunch and Slow Cooker Tortilla Soup for dinner. Sunday we will have leftover soup and Chicken Enchiladas for dinner.

How are you all doing this week?


Anne said...

SO IMPRESSED with you Lindsey!! you are awesome :)

Melissa said...

That's awesome!!
If it makes you feel any better, I love yoga but don't care for the P90X yoga video. The 90 minutes is sooooo long! I am used to 75 minute classes but I don't know those extra 15 feel like an eternity!
Have you done the plyo video yet?

The Kinards! said...

Way to go, Lindsey!!!!!!!!