Wednesday, August 1, 2012

30 Things Before I Turn 30.

Inspired by 30 Things to do before Turning 30 I decided to make a list of 30 things I would like to do before I turn 30. And what better time to start than on my 29th birthday? I thrive on to-do lists so this is a to-do list of sorts. If I don't accomplish all 30 I won't be heart broken, I'll just keep them on my bucket list!

* Embrace a healthy lifestyle and stop fad diets. It’s all about staying active and everything in moderation.
* Bike 13 miles.
* Take more day trips. Explore Ann Arbor, Grand Rapids, and Detroit.
* Make peace with my body once and for all.
* Do three crafts from Pinterest.
* Buy something Zebra print for the house.
* Realize that turning 30 could actually be the beginning of some of the best years.
* Go to a country concert.
* Go all out on a Halloween costume.
* Celebrate 5 years of marriage somewhere tropical.
* Kayak.
* Take a wine pairing and/or sushi making class.
* Go to a bar for karaoke night.
* Cook Thanksgiving dinner.
* Get in the best gosh darn shape of my entire life.
* And maintain it.
* Grow something and keep it alive.
* Bake cupcakes.
* Go country line dancing.
* Become a wine buff.
* Eat something crazy.
* Make my great grandma’s spaghetti.
* Go to Vegas for a weekend.
* Eat at the Chop House.
* Stop caring what others think about me and just be myself unapologetically.
* Go to a musical.
* Cook three meals from Pinterest.
* Hike more.

Did you make one prior to turning 30? If not, what would be on your list?


Mrs EyeCanSee said...

Great list!!

I did a 31 before 31....better late than never right??!

Shanny said...

This is awesome, I am 31 so I would totally fail lol
Err, when you make those cupcakes, send me one? thanksmuch ;)

Anne said...

there is a chophouse in Rochester and it is amazing!! loved your list- those are totally do-able! 30, flirty and thriving :)

Jen Caputo said...

Happy Birthday cousin! This is going to be quite a busy year for you :) Enjoy it!

Britney Jean said...

Great list! I have something similar, but not a 30 before 30.

Good luck and happy birthday!

Megg Joosten said...

I just made one of these myself! So fun!

Adrienne said...

This is SO neat! I've wanted to do one for awhile, maybe I'll make that into a list too...

Natalie and Lee said...

Such a great idea! LOVE this post!

Brandi said...

I wanted to do one of these but never got around to it. Instead I have decided this year to do one random act of kindness a day 34 days before my 34th birthday. I will blog about it as it gets closer (my birthday isn't until Dec). That may be something fun to do as well! :)

Lacey said...

Love your list! I need to do something like this!

Lauren said...

love this list! I should really do something like this...but seeing as I'm right at 6 months from being 30, mine might have to be more like 15 before 30...doesn't quite have the same ring to it! ha!

katie said...

Love your list! Just followed the link today after reading your T'giving centerpieces post. My 29th bday was last week, so I definitely need to finish writing up my list and POST it. Ha!