Friday, July 13, 2012

Fit Friday!

We had a pretty good week. It was busy, but fun. You'll see what I mean with my "Week in my Life" posts starting tomorrow. I still made time for working out and made healthy choices even when we were out to eat.

My workout schedule this week looked like this:

Sunday - Rest
Monday - Elliptical
Tuesday - Jillian Michael's Ripped in 30 Level 3
Wednesday - Elliptical
Thursday - Jillian Michael's Ripped in 30 Level 4
Friday - Elliptical

I have started to incorporate this routine I saw on pinterest into my elliptical days:

I wish my eating was as good as my workouts this week. My lunch of choice this week was toast with natural peanut butter. Our dinners were a little less predictable because we were a bit spontaneous and had a date night one night, went out to dinner with friends another night, and got fast food on another night. Despite all the eating out this week I lost a pound. I'm happy with that. I'm thisclose to being in a range I can stand. 

Next week I will grocery shop and meal plan better for dinners and get in the range that I'm happy with. But I wouldn't trade the week of fun and conversations and memories we created. 

How did you guys do?


Charlie's Mommy said...

Keep it up!! I printed out the picture so I will be doing these with you too!!

Shanny said...

Yay for the lost pound! Great picture/routine to add to an exercise regimen =)

Elizabeth said...

you did much better than me!
but i am determined to stick to it this week! working on a menu now!

Lauren said...

it's so much easier to eat healthy when you're home and when I'm able to plan meals...otherwise I feel so ucky after eating quick, fast meals all week!