Monday, May 14, 2012


I’m a sucker for a good deal. No doubt about it. I am a saver. I hate spending money. I don’t enjoy shopping. Garth has to MAKE me spend money and splurge on myself. It’s embarrassing to even mention that Garth forced to buy new clothes last summer because all of my old clothes were literally falling apart.

But if I can get a great deal and feel like I beat the system than I’m in. And I have dabbled in couponing once and awhile, but always felt overwhelmed and would give up. But after one too many trips to Kroger without a coupon I had enough. I was tired of feeling ripped off. I was feeling better switching to Aldi’s for most of my grocery needs, but there were still things I needed elsewhere. I am starting small with Raining Hot Coupons and Coupon Mom. So far I haven’t gotten much further than the freebies. I’m addicted to the freebies. I’ll take any survey or fill out any review like my favorite yogurt just for something free. Case in point: I am the proud subscriber to seven magazines now. SEVEN. I may be getting slightly out of control but I can’t pass up free, especially to magazines. I love a good magazine. I get so excited to see one in my mailbox.

Now I just need to start using the coupons for Walmart, Aldi’s, Kroger, etc. After vacation I will go full on with coupons. And maybe ban myself from free magazines for a while because I know I’m going to get stressed out when I get them all and try to read each one.

If you have ANY tips or tricks or sites I should be checking out to learn to coupon I’m all ears! I’m ready to jump on this bandwagon.


Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

I did great with grocery couponing for a while and am getting back into it now! I did a post a while ago about a notebook I made to keep them organized and in one place! ;) And I ALWAYS use coupons anywhere we shop. :) I also do a quick search online before making any purchases or going to any store to see if I can print out a coupon! Usually there is always one! is a good resource too :)

Lauren said...

Just like NCF, I used to be really organized. But now with Elyse I've failed. I've now resorted to meal planning for 2 weeks at a time and that seems to be helping so far.

However, my one suggestion would be to get your local paper & also try to find a place where they sell a major metro paper somewhere nearby. For example, I live in SWMO & they also sell a paper for Kansas City in some locations. These papers normally have some of the best coupons...especially for personal hygeiene items!

Adrienne said...

OH friend, you're hilarious.

I could use some of your frugality, seriously. Thanks for the coupon shares, if I ever get over the overwhelming anxiety "couponing" provides me with, I'll totally do it. Someday, maybe someday....

Mrs. Newlywed Giggles said...

Good luck with that! I wish I can get down with the couponing ladies!

Lee said...

If you use your shoppers card from Kroger they will start sending you lots of great coupons. They come in little book forms with pictures and recipes each month. Also, you get random coupons sent to you that are tailored for you depending on what you have bought using your shoppers card. Usually these coupons will include one or two for free eggs, ice cream or other little goodies at no charge.
One more thing, remember that Walmart accepts competitors coupons as long as they say manufacture coupon and not store coupon. So you can take your Kroger coupons to Walmart, price match to Aldi (or wherever has the item on sale) and then use your Kroger coupon on top of that for a great deal.