Friday, March 30, 2012

On My Mind

I still need to do a recap of the wedding we attended this past weekend. It was so sweet. The bride's sons walked her down the isle. How adorable is that?!

A good friend of the family past away unexpected Tuesday of a heart attack. Garth and I took it especially hard because he was our realtor. We saw him every week for eight months while we were house hunting. I just keep picturing him laughing. We were always joking when we toured houses. He was more than a realtor though, he was a trusted friend. Because of him we learned SO MUCH about home buying. He offered great advice and he was the one that found our house. We have him to thank for the house we love so much. He will be missed.

I don't even want to talk about my weight. I'm so discouraged and feel like I weigh a thousand pounds right now. Ugh.

BUT Garth and I are starting to plan a getaway down south to finally celebrate his 30th properly. So we are on a weight loss mission. No chips. No fast food. No pop. No alcohol. We must work out at least four times a week. It. Is. On.

I have done it before, I can do it again. I can't believe I need to lose twenty pounds again though. How annoying is that? But this time we are really making it a lifestyle change. The last time I lost twenty pounds I was eating 800 calories a day and whatever I wanted on the weekends. Not necessarily the healthiest way. And obviously not something I can maintain long term.

I am making this healthy pasta this weekend. Doesn't it look delicious?

I love planning a vacation. I love trying to find the best deal. Right now we are thinking of going to Miami. But a part of me wants to go to Texas. I am so indecisive it is not even funny.

We are also shopping for a mattress. I mentioned Garth's back problems here, and while he is feeling so much better, our current mattress aggravates his lower back. And we need a guest bed anyways, so it seems as good a time as any to start looking. We can't have Garth not sleeping through the night and in pain.

We have heard great things about the Dr. Breus bed and will go to a Sleep Doctor store soon to look at these. We went mattress shopping last Sunday and I kinda love it. Nothing makes me feel more married than shopping for a mattress with Garth.

Any great mattress recommendations? We are open to all suggestions! Thanks in advance!:)


LWLH said...

You can do it girl, I have faith in you : )

Anne said...

we went to Art Van and ended up with a laura ashley (?) the guy said it was one of the most often picked mattresses, and 'only' $800. I really like it, no problems!

Mrs. Pancakes said...

ooh i love planning trips too..sorry about your friend...

Anonymous said...

My wish for you is that you love yourself just as you were made. You have never been heavy never, in my opinion you have always been tiny. I wish you would just accept how God has made your body. Know that you work out and maintain a healthy diet and that you would just throw out that blasted scale. You are gorgeous, and kind and so very smart. The only thing that truly matters is your mind and your heart and to me, you have both those things just right. Numbers on a scale will never change the person you are. Really I have read this blog from the start and I adore it but I hate to see you do anything involving your weight because you seem just so hard on yourself, and so down by a stinking number. As you mentioned the not healthy things you have done to reach a number. A number... Garth does not love a number, your parents are proud of what an amazing number you have become they are proud of the amazing human being you are. Your friends do not care about a number they care that you treat them with kindness and respect. God.. does not care about a number.. he cares about the life you lead, the love you have for him. Please, be happy with those and stop with the weight thing really. You are perfect the way you are.

Adrienne said...

I'm sorry for your loss :(

Good luck on the healthy road sister! I've gained 30 pounds since I got married! Yikes! Consistency is the most important thing! You can do it! It's a lifestyle, right?

We got our mattress @ Costco. It came in a box, it's a foam mattress. It. is. amazing. It was "only" like 500 bucks, and it is just so comfortable but supportive! It's memory foam, but not break-the-bank memory foam.

You'll have to let us know how the pasta dish goes! I have such a hard time cooking with yogurt! It has a lower fat content, so it's super easy to curdle!