Thursday, February 2, 2012

On my Mind

I am obsessed all the Real Housewives shows, but I cannot stand the reunions.

Garth and I have another free trial to give Netflix another chance and we have been watching so much Mitch Hedberg stand-up. I am so sad he died. He was so creative, talented, original, and hilarious.

I am convinced yogurt and granola were made for each other. So good!

While Garth and I were sick last week we watched a lot of good movies. We both really enjoyed Moneyball, The Help, Courageous, and I Don't Know How She Does It.

I am still bitter that something this delicious looking (and expensive and time consuming) was not good. At all.

I have a major case of baby fever right now. I know we aren't ready yet, but the thought of having my own little one just makes my uterus ache.

Due to the above admission to baby fever, Garth and I researching dog breeds. We will wait to winter is over to get a dog, but it is looking like this spring we will get one. As much as we want an English Bulldog we will probably wait to have one as our second dog. They are a relatively high maintenance breed so I don't think it would be wise for that to be our first experience as dog owners.

For now I will just obsess over puppy pictures until we are ready to adopt a fur baby.

I am loving eating sandwiches for dinner lately. I think it has something to do with the weather being in the 50s lately. I am craving this one right now and I'm sure it will be on the menu next week.

Speaking of 50 degree weather, I am loving it. I can deal with Michigan winters if they are all like this!

Garth and I know the neighbors on either side of fairly well. The neighbors across the street we say hello to and chat while we shovel or mow, but that is at far as it goes. So Garth and I planning a wine night to invite them all over. I'm nervous about it because I have a fear of rejection, but I think it would be so much fun.

I really hate how expensive concerts are, but I regret not going to see Zac Brown Band last year. Tim McGraw and Kenny Chesney are coming this summer and I think we are going to go.

If you had to chose between an all-inclusive resort, a cruise, or a hot tub which would you chose? These are the decisions Garth and I are trying to make and we are so indecisive it is ridiculous.


Crystal said...

I am also obsessed with The Real Housewives and am actually watching reruns of Orange County right now!

As for your question, that is a tough one. An all-inclusive resort somewhere would be an awesome vacation but cruises totally rock as well. It kind of depends on what type of vacation you want. If you want to enjoy one location and experiencing all that the place has to offer, then I would go with the resort. On the other hand, if you like to spend a week or so seeing a lot of different sights and enjoying some lovely boat living, then I'd choose the cruise. I've been on a couple cruises and they are so much fun, but your time at each stop is short so you've got to soak up a lot in a short time. Hot tubs at both!

Erica said...

GREAT idea to get a puppy before a baby! I'm not sure how we would have handled a baby had we not had the experience of taking care of our Roxie...the middle of the night potty breaks, the early morning potty breaks and playtime, the CONSTANT check in to make sure they aren't eating something they shouldn't be (we have lots of sotries!). First and foremost, we stopped putting ourselves first and had to take her needs into consideration. We're HUGE fans of the boxer breed (very similar to the bulldog, just bigger!), and b/c of their energy level, they will forece you to be active, which we love! We're actually in the process of adopting our 2nd:)

Oh, and cruise vs. all inclusive: depends on where you want to go. If you're thinking Europe, I say cruise. Caribbean, all-inclusive. I just wrote a novel here, sorry!!

-Lindsey- said...

Hi! first time posting but i keep up with your blog. i say all inclusive resort. im not a big boat person or drinker/partier ... plus the rooms can be quite small. at a resort, its more luxurious. unless you really don't want to stay in one spot (although resorts have so many activities) then i guess the cruise.

have you done either before? if so, then try the other one. :)

Aishlea and Brandon said...

I loved The Help and Courageous!! I thought Moneyball was good too. We haven't seen I Don't Know How She Does It- did your hubs like that one?

Cruise v. all inclusive- I love them both! However, you definitely get more bang for your buck on a cruise, I think. Especially if your cruise is a week long and has lots of stops. We did a 7 night and had 5 stops and it was so much fun! Plus the food is yummy and the food at our all inclusive resort wasn't as good as our cruise food was! :) Both trips were the best trips I've ever had, though. I don't think you can go wrong.

Jennifer said...

What is the name of the recipe that was a flog?

I would choose an all-inclusive resort. Definitely. No questions asked!

A Nerd and A Free Spirit said...

Okay this is hysterical. I love how you went from "I have baby fever" to... in light of that... "We are researching dog breeds." too funny. Right there with ya! (-:You should get a poodle. (-:


The Pink Growl said...

I'm obsessed with the Real Housewives!!! What is it about the reunions that you don't like? I typically like the reunions because it helps me remember stuff that I've forgotten throughout the season. However, some of them lately have just been over the top with fighting and I just get annoyed watching.

I've done the all-inclusive resort thing and the cruise thing - I loved them both! Depends on if you want to be super active with shore excursions and seeing multiple places like on a cruise - or just a little lazy and catered to at a resort.

That puppy is just too cute for words with all his wrinkles!

Anne said...

I really liked that I Don't Know How She Does It too, I liked how the dad was mad at the end- he was seeming a little too 'hen pecked' for me.

That sandwich looks DELICIOUS!!!

I would pick the cruise. Not a fan of resorts 'trapping' you there, but I like to go places to see stuff, not to just relax. You guys like that, so it might be perfect!

Lauren said...

MMmm...that sandwich looks delicious! an interesting combo, but I think it would be so yummy!

your question is a toughy! I would probably go with the all-inclusive just because we are bigger fans of having one place to stay and then exploring that particular area on our own! cruises are fun, but the stops are short & it's just kind of a crazy environment (not quite as relaxing in my opinion).

and then of course the hot tub would be fabulous, but those people I know who have one don't end up using it as much as they thought they would!

Erin Reissig said...

Just FYI. I changed emails on blogger and I LOST you. I have found you again and I'm over the moon. lol.

Puppies are an awesome way of deflecting the crying uterus. Plus they're good for baby training!

I adore cruises. Multiple places but one room. Yes please!

Maria said...

Random and awesome post! We love Mitch too- he's definitely one of the funniest comics. RIP.
Thanks for the movie suggestions. Yay for cute puppies! We went on a cruise for our honeymoon and had a great time. However, I'd like to try a resort since it seems more relaxing and less scheduled. Either way, you'll have a blast!

Gwen said...

That sandwich looks amazing!!!

I should have you talk to my sister about dogs. She has an English Bulldog and they are more high maintenance that they ever imagined. I suggest Golden Retrievers. I love my baby. :)

I've never been on a cruise or to an all-inclusive resort but we're planning the resort thing for this summer. I just want to lay on a beach and have time on my hands. The idea of a cruise and having to rush around so we don't get left behind isn't appealing to me.

Good luck making your decision though. :)

Adrienne said...

Baby fever is the worst when the timing isn't right! I've sooo been there! Puppies are good :)

Jen Caputo said...

We love Mitch Hedberg! We saw him live in New York a few years ago, he was amazing. I've also got my heart set on an english bulldog but Adam keeps reminding me they have lots of health problems.
I feel pretty qualified to answer your question since I was just at an all inclusive 3 months ago, I've been on at least a dozen cruises, and I have a hot tub.
The first one I would eliminate is the all-inclusive. You don't get to enjoy the area you are visiting or the local food and drinks. And in my experience, the food and drinks at the AI are severely lacking in quality. After this last one, I vowed never to go to one again. Although sitting at a pool bar ordering lots of drinks is really fun!
I love cruises but since they aren't all inclusive, be prepared to spend a lot of money on drinks OR, learn to sneak on booze. A lot of people don't like cruises, in my opinion, they are what you make of them. Where would you cruise? Itinerary makes a huge difference too. Our favorites: Central America (Panama, Costa Rica, Belize), Hawaii, and of course - the Galapagos Islands were incomparable.
Now, the hot tub. There are hidden expenses here too. You will need to make sure you have a level area that can support it (regular concrete often can't, it needs to be reinforced). So there may be costs in getting a new cement slab poured. You will also need to hire an electrician to put in a special circuit breaker outside for it, you can't just plug it into a normal outlet. Finally, the cost of heating it is not insignificant. Especially if you keep it heated in the winter (which is the best time to go in!) Our favorite thing to do in the winter is head out on Sunday afternoon with a magazine and a cocktail in the hot tub. Adam also likes to drag a tv out there to watch football in the tub. We've even had election night parties in the hot tub (Come on over and watch the presidential debate in the hot tub with us!). Getting to enjoy our backyard year round is really valuable to us. And everyone always wants to come hang out at the house with the hot tub. Most of our friends just keep their towels and bathing suits at our house.
There's also a hidden perk to hot tub shopping. If you are serious about it, and can convince the salesperson of that, they will invite you to the store after hours to test drive the hot tubs. NEVER buy a hot tub without putting on your bathing suit and trying it out. We rejected our #1 choice after sitting in it. We had to come back another day for them to fill and warm a different model, and that's the one we eventually chose.
Anyway, feel free to email me if you have any other questions about these kind of things, I have lots of opinions :)

Melissa said...

I love all-inclusive vacations!

As a mom to an English Bully, you are right; they're a very high maintenance breed. They are prone to many health issues and we have spent more money at the vet in the last 6 months than I can say without having an anxiety attack! Our little guy is luckily (knock on wood) very healthy...but there are so many little isues that add up quickly. All kidding aside, if you want that kind of commitment, they are great practice for babies (butt wiping and all!)& they just are the sweetest, most loyal little fur babies. I have a tab on my blog filled with resources for English Bulldogs if you are ever interested. His droopy face makes me laugh every single day!

Good luck with all your decisions!

netflix free trial offer said...

i say all inclusive resort. im not a big boat person or drinker/partier