Friday, November 11, 2011

Fit Friday!

I lost two pounds this week! All I can say about that is: FINALLY. It is nice to see the scale reflecting the hard work I've been putting in.
Garth and I joined the rest of the world and upgraded to smart phones last week. I downloaded an app to plug in my calories and exercise. I also downloaded a few free apps for ab, butt, and arm workouts which I have been doing in the morning after I do my Bible reading app. How have I not had a smart phone sooner?! I'm in love.
My workout schedule lately includes doing the elliptical for 20 minutes each morning followed by a 10 minute ab, butt, or arm workout. I will usually walk 30 minutes at lunch or after dinner with Garth. I'm watching my portions and tracking everything I eat on my app and keeping my calories under 1500. I had great success this week following this plan so I'll keep it up and I should be down 6 pounds by Thanksgiving. Woohoo!
I don't even feel deprived or hungry all the time. I can see myself keeping up with this long term. I even track on the weekends since this app is so user friendly and accessible. Before I was using an online site, but being at a computer on the weekend was never appealing since I'm the computer all week long for work.
How are you all doing?


Café Moka said...

Yay for losing 2 pounds! You did great!!!
Have a great weekend!

Lauren said...

So proud of you!!!!! :)

Lauren said...

way to go! sounds like your goal is definitely attainable!

Jules said...

Congrats on losing 2 pounds! It sounds like you're doing great.

Lil' Woman said...

Congrats girl!! :)

Jenny Lee said...

Go girl! Which app are you using to track?