Monday, September 12, 2011

I will never forget.

I cannot believe yesterday marked the ten year anniversary of the tragedy. I will never forget that day. I was a freshman at Michigan State University. I was in Mr. Lombardi's social studies class with my friend Kim. The class started at 9:25 a.m. About twenty minutes into class my professor said a plane had flown into the World Trade center and he turned ont he news and we spent the class period watching in shock and disbelief as we saw images that we will never forget.

After class we all filed out silently. I remember being so thankful my mom was coming up to visit me (for her birthday, which is today. Happy Birthday mom!) because I needed to see her and hug her. We went to lunch and quietly watched the terrifying images on the TV screens in the background.

She left later that afternoon and I went to my next class. Afterwards I went to Kim's dorm room and we sat on her top bunk watching the news on her little TV in the closet (her roomie wouldn't let her have it out) and it was fuzzy, but thank goodness. I don't think I could handle it any clearer than that. We hugged and we cried and we prayed for those families that lost heros on that fateful day.

It was also during that time that Kim and I both realized we didn't want to be journalists anymore. We could barely watch the horror unfolding on the fuzzy 19 inch screen. How could we report news like that? We both changed our majors and Kim is in advertising at Google now and I work in logistics/admin at a medical supply company.

It was a sad day. I wish it never happened. My heart breaks for those who lost their own lives, lost a mother, daughter, son, father, wife, husband, grandma, or grandpa on that day. It's not fair.

But I have hope. New York is rebuilding and Americans came together like never before on that day ten years ago. I know it's still painful, but it's a reminder that freedom comes at a high price. But it is worth fighting for. God Bless America.

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Mandy said...

Beautiful post...Thank you for sharing with all of us!