Tuesday, September 27, 2011


01. Garth and I have started couponing. I'm not crazy into it...yet. I can see how it's addicting! I do enjoy saving money! I'm only cutting out coupons for what we would normally buy and it's a little overwhelming since I'm trying to meal plan as well. Any tips or tricks?

02. I'm currently obsessed with Pintrest. There are so many cute ideas and inspirational quotes and yummy recipes. LOVE.

03. I'm going to try to make this tomorrow night for dinner and this casserole Thursday night. I am wanting this adorable wreath. Garth wants to make this dip while he watches football next weekend.

04. I bought my first coupon from Groupon. It was for a restaurant in our town that Garth and I love so we couldn't resist. $15 for a $30 gift card, yes please!

05. The owner of my company had extra tickets to the Michigan State football game this weekend and Garth and I got to use them. We had awesome seats on the 50 yard line and the weather was perfect. Fun times watching the Spartans kick some butt!

06. We did not get a dog this weekend, but my brother and SIL did! I can't wait to meet little Hitch next weekend!!

07. Garth and I watched Bridesmaids this weekend. I wasn't expecting much, but found it kinda hilarious.

09. I adore Home Goods. I had a gift card and wandered around the store for hours. I am incredibly indecisive and could not decide on what to get. Actually, I really wanted this large white elephant for our fireplace mantel but Garth hated it. I settled on candles in pretty vases instead. I'll get pictures up one of these days when I like the way it looks. Gosh, I wish I had "the eye"!

08. I'll end with a pretty picture of two things I love from Pintrest. I told ya I was obsessed!


Emily said...

First, I love Pinterest too. It is crazy addicting! Second, Go you on couponing! I don't think I could keep up with it! Third, I am going to need to stop by Redbox, is Bridesmaids out on DVD now?

Anne said...

both of those recipes look so good! let me know how they turn out and if they're worth making!

Barbecued Peaches said...

I'm also obsessed with Pinterest. Maybe one day I'll actually do some of the DIY projects I pin!

Mrs. Newlywed Giggles said...

Love the picture! lol

Megan said...

I want to watch Bridesmaids! Have only heard good things from people who have seen it!
I am addicted to pinterest!

Lauren said...

Bridesmaids is the funniest movie EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lil' Woman said...

1. Pinterest is a whole new level of addicting
2. we started meal planning too but I would love to start couponing on top of it.
2. Bridesmaids.....LOVED IT!