Monday, July 18, 2011

Random Musings.

.Garth and I watched Lincoln Lawyer this week and it was really good.

.I love those "who done it" type movies.

.The more I try to decorate my house the more frustrated I get.

.I just do not have the gift of decorating.

.I'm getting extremely tempted to try to win an HGTV makeover.

.I am borderline obessesed with this season of Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Best. Season. Ever.

.Thanks for your comments on my previous post.

.I appreciate all of your advice.

.I do not have an eating disorder, but I appreciate the concern.

.I was down another 2 lbs when i weighed in on Saturday.

.I am restricting calories and working out intensely for a short period of time.

.All I will say about the anonymous commenters is - why you gotta be so mean?

.The weather was perfect this weekend.

.My grandma is in town and it was so great to see her yesterday.

.Life is good.


Megan said...

We had a chance to be on HGTV [House Hunters] but it fell through because we put a contract on and did so before talking with them. Oh Well..

I LOVE RHNJ! I don't like Kathy though- I think she's very conniving. Gross.

Rebecca Jo said...

I am obsessed with New Jersey Housewives myself. I have to disagree with your other commenter - I love Kathy. Think Teresa is giving her a raw deal. I love her husband too! :)

But Melissa & Joe are the BEST!!!!

Lauren said... should apply for a makeover! That would be so fun! And we loved the Lincoln Lawyer such a great movie!

Jules said...

How awesome would it be to win the HGTV makeover! Good luck if you enter.

I'm sorry about the meanies. Don't let them get you down.

RHNJ = love!

jen mccrady said...

funny, ryan & i watched lincoln lawyers this weekend, too! really good!

Anonymous said...

Mean commenters suck... Sorry they're bugging you! My tip for decorating is to find and inspiration piece or picture and build around that. That may be really common sense but that's how I do it... :)

Melissa said...

I love the "who done it" movies and books too!

Mrs EyeCanSee said...

I want to apply to be on a that home renovations show "Holmes on Homes" so bad!! They're in Canada though, and when I checked they weren't taking any new applicants. Boo.

I may have to check out Lincoln Lawyer, I love those who done it movies too!

Bekah said...

I am not going to go read the comments on the last post, because from the sounds of things, I will be angry for you. HOWEVER, on behalf of the the rest of us...Im sorry people can be SO rude.

Also..the house decorating thing...let it happen as it happens. We have been moved in for a little over a year, and its constantly changing. Its lived in, its us, it works! If you need to live with a blank wall in a certain room for a year before inspiration wont hurt anything!!

Whit said...

Loooove RHONJ! I think the Wakile family is my favorite this season.

Lil' Woman said...

I'm loving this season of RHONJ....I couldn't get into New York this season tho.