Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Random Musings Part 2.

1. I'm totally obsessed with this list of birthday freebies. My birthday is still 2 weeks away and I'm starting to get emails for free desserts, appetizers, and even free entrees. Score!

2. I also signed up at Starbucks, Old Navy, Biggby, Chili's, and a few other local restaurants Garth and I enjoy. Why did I not do this sooner?! We love eating out, and coupons are my new obsession. I'm getting free appetizer and dessert coupons, or $10 off purchases just for becoming a subscriber. Love it!

3. It has been hot and humid here and I'm loving every second of it. I love summer!

4. The house down the street sold and we are waiting anxiously for the new owners to move in.

5. Every time we walk by the house we say "please be a young couple with no kids."

6. We are the minority in our sub. We have great neighbors, but we one of the very few couples in our sub without children or a dog.

7. We went to a bonfire at our neighbor's house this weekend and I got bit on my feet and fingers. Grrrr!

8. I always get bit in the most awkward of places. And Garth? Not one bite.

9. I haven't done Menu Monday in a while because I've been eating the same dinner the last few weeks. It's THAT good.

10. Whole grain rice, avocado, and black beans. Best. Dinner. Ever.

11. I can't get enough of Better Homes and Garden. I'm cutting out all my favorite decorating ideas and hope to just copy them in my home since I don't seem to have "the eye."

12. Though that will have to wait because I need new clothes first. I have noticed my clothes are looking very worn and realized I haven't really shopped for new clothes since high school.

13. That's sad. I wish I liked shopping for clothes as much as I liked shopping for my house. But iit's time to suck it up and purchase some new digs!

14. I like writing in lists. Especially to-do lists because it's fun to cross stuff off!


Carrie said...

I went through the same clothes situation and just bought a couple new things. I have to say Target is amazing!

Café Moka said...

I think that you totally need to go shopping! There are so beautiful clothes out there!

I also like to write lists!

Anonymous said...

Crossing stuff off a list if the best!

Anne said...

we are so alike! I have a folder of 'my favorite rooms' that I just want to completely copy. I know what I like, but can't think of it myself! I always make lists, and even sometimes write down things I already did so I can have some stuff crossed off :) and I am an odd duck in my book club, first I was the only un-married girl, now I still don't fit in b/c I don't have kids! and we have the same birthday :) except I haven't gotten any coupons... need to work on that!

Lauren said...

I am also addicted to making lists...confession: sometimes I make a list that includes making a list for another event! ha!

Jessica said...

I enjoy shopping for my house so much more than shopping for clothes too. My house is definitely dressed better than I am. Ha!

Jen Caputo said...

Did you get bit by dogs or mosquitos?
Thanks for the birthday freebies list!

Barbecued Peaches said...

Oh, I LOVE making lists :)

Megan said...

Yay for birthday freebies!!

Have you heard of pinterest? If not, you should check into it! Allows you to "pin" a bunch of pretty things and create your own boards :)

Mrs. S. said...

As Megan said, Pinterest is the biggest addiction for me right now. If you need an invite (you have to have one to pin stuff), let me know!

Lil' Woman said...

I much rather shop for my house than myself much easier and less guilt.