Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Party Planning 101.

We had our first big party at our house this past weekend. It was a success! But I get really stressed out before events, lose sleep, eat more than usual, and I know none of that behavior is healthy. This is why I am not an event planner anymore. I am way too Type A for that kind of work because you have to plan for the unexpected and I hate that more than anything.

Though it's a lot of work, I enjoyed planning for this party. I'm all about to-do lists and I get satisfaction crossing things off the list. Here is what my schedule looked like the week before this party.

Monday: Weed front and backyard.
Tuesday: Clean windows, laundry, and mow lawn.
Wednesday: Organize closets and spray mosquito spray on deck and backyard.
Thursday: Grocery shop for Saturday.
Friday: Dust, vaccuum, mop, and clean bathrooms. Make sangria.
Saturday: Set up food and drinks.

This does not include the month before when we decided on invitations, a theme, the guest list, and the menu. I don't even consider that work though because that is the fun part! Our theme was a wine and cheese party. I always wanted to throw one and it was awesome!

I can't tell you how helpful it is to write out all that you have to do, distribute jobs, and cross things off as the week progressed. I found myself really relaxed by the day of the event and even able to relax before everyone showed up! My biggest tip is to plan ahead, plan ahead, plan ahead!


Erin said...

I looooove party planning...considering doing it part-time - because I think it would be even MORE fun if I'm spending someone else's money!

Sounds like an AWESOME shindig, lady!

Michelle said...

You are so organized! I usually wait until the day before and freak out.

Please share your sangria recipe!

Lauren said...

What a fun party...I always stress out too, but I always feel like it's worth it in the end!

Gwen said...

I always stress out when planning parties too. But you had a great to do list and I'm sure it was a wonderful time!!!

Jen Caputo said...

Oh, I wish we could've come, I want to see pictures!!! We are huge cheese fans, what kinds did you have?

The Rest is Still Unwritten said...

I love having parties! I think I'm getting more and more laid back as I get older. I'm not as Type A as I used to be. But I think it helps that I stay home now so I have a lot of free time.

Corey said...

Interesting post. I will use this when my girlfriend and I find our own place and have to get ready for a party. It's totally different planning something like this. I've planned events for my extended family, which is like 50 people. Then we needed ID wristbands for everyone in case we got lost at Sea World. I'm always used to planning ahead too!

Sandra said...

Ok, so what you're saying is that I need to plan ahead..got it! :)
Seriously, you can say "plan ahead" but clearly you have a party planning head! It's a lot of work to even know what needs to be done. Oh, and I saw the recipe for Sangria above...yummy! Will be trying it this weekend!