Monday, June 27, 2011

Menu Monday.

I'm gonna be honest with you, I sucked at following my menu last week. Garth and I were preparing for a party we were having on Saturday so the meal planning went out the window. Instead of the delicious meals I had planned we ate Jimmy Johns, Wendy's, Trader Joe spinach pies, and Chinese food. Too much take-out! We both felt bloated, sluggish, and fat after these sodium-filled, take-out meals. We are ready to get back into our healthy cooking schedule again, that's for sure!

Here what is on the menu:

Monday: Chicken kabobs
Tuesday: Steak with brown rice and Lite Caesar Salad
Wednesday: Chicken and Cheese sliders
Thursday: Warm Greek Pita Sandwiches with Turkey and Cucumber-Yogurt Sauce
Friday: Veggie burritos (whole wheat tortilla stuffed with peppers, onion, and black beans)

What's on your menu this week?


Anne said...

mmmm! those slider things look so good! going to try that for sure :) how was the party?!!?

Lauren said...

Sometimes that's just how things work out...but you're right, too much eating out just makes me feel yucky! I'm always ready for a good home-cooked meal!

Anne said...

I know the feeling! Some weeks we get in a take-out-rut and we both feel pretty sluggish. This past week was really good though and ate home cooking every night! I think I'm gonna try making black bean veggie burgers tonight! :)

Katie said...

I've posted Menu Mondays routinely for a long time now. It isn't really because I like blogging about it, as much as it helps hold me accountable to my budget and my diet. It's a great idea to plan ahead! It helps in SOOO many ways! :-)

You have a great menu this week, by the way!