Friday, June 24, 2011

Fit Friday!

I didn't weigh in this morning. I probably should have because I just washed my favorite jeans and usually they are nice and tight after a wash, but they are falling off me. I am also noticing my arms are getting muscular. I flexed my arms for Garth the other day and he was in shock at my biceps, ha! Garth also observed this morning that he saw ab muscles. That is a great feeling because I'm really targeting my abs and arms for Myrtle Beach.

I have become obsessed with the number on the scale so it's nice to take a break from the scale today and just focus on how I look, feel, and how the clothes fit. I'll be back to weighing in next week (hopefully with a big drop!) and to a stricter work out routine.

My work out routine has not been as structured as I had planned, but I'm working out so that is the good part. I'm doing routines from Fitness and Shape magazines and enjoying the change, the burn, and the results!

How are all of you doing? Any tips, tricks, or routines you are loving?


The Rest is Still Unwritten said...

I still do Pilates. I love it!

Good for you!! Just wait until you get pregnant, you will really become obsessed with the number on the scale!

Lauren said...

Way to go! I think loose clothes should be counted as a success regardless of the scale!

Oh and pregnancy totally changes the scale mentality...OBSESSED!! Thankfully I don't allow myself to have scale in our house!

Gwen said...

Good for you girl!!! All of my pants are too big now so I have scheduled some time this weekend to pull out old (smaller sized) pants! So excited! Have a great weekend!

Casa Cannon said...

that's a great feeling-not having to get on the scale and being happy! congrats! my latest trick is to not eat after about 7 or 730. nothing revolutionary, but I've noticed it really does work! And, i've been having a serious spinach drink for breakfast, giving up most cereal and milk!