Friday, May 20, 2011

Fit Friday!

After 2 weeks of Phase 1 on the South Beach Diet I was really looking forward to weighing in. I have heard people losing 8 to 12 pounds, even Garth lost a significant amount of weight on the diet. You can image my disappointment when I stepped on the scale after 2 weeks of low carbs, no wine, and working out every day to only have lost a pound.
Yes, I know a loss is a loss is a loss. But really?! One single pound after two weeks of hard work. That is just frustrating. I'm trying to be optimistic. I know my stomach is flatter and my clothes fit better. I know I'm going to continue with Phase 2 and maybe I'll see a big loss next week. I know I'm being obsessive and dramatic but I'm a little annoyed right now but I'll get over it.
Happy Friday! How are all of you doing?


Anne said...

sorry Lindsey, that is super frustrating! Keep at it! Good job losing the one pound, and feeling slimmer is always nice :)

Melissa said...

I am having similar struggles through WW right now, so I really feel your pain. Diligently counting every bite/calorie/point and maintaining or seeing a .2 loss? I try to be grateful that the scale is going in the "right" direction but it is hard and frustrating.

I know you are a workout machine and I am a marathon runner...I'm wondering if there is something to be said about our bodies being used to a certain intensity of work out and it being efficient about the way it stores/burns calories? That's probably just rationalizing but I'm wondering if there's something to that?

Lori Alexander said...

Just found your cute blog. We have lots in common..loving our husbands, organic food and Jesus! I wrote a post on how Jesus changed my marriage and love to share it with younger women so they won't make the same mistakes I made:

Jen Caputo said...

I bet it will sneak up on you and the week you don't expect it you'll get a giant loss. That's happened to me a few times after being disappointed for not being rewarded for a hard week :)