Friday, April 8, 2011

Fit Friday & Special Offer!

I maintained this week which doesn't surprise me since I wasn't great over the weekend. Why is it so hard to eat healthy over the weekend?! I am seeing results in my abs and arms though. They are getting toned so I'm not totally disappointed. I'm making slow changes and I know in the end they will make a difference. Slow and stead wins the race! How are you doing? If you liked my watch from Budget Gadgets I have a special offer for you! Go here for the coupon learningtobeawife5off and use it when you check out for a 5% off discount! Also, the lovely poeple at BG are giving away 50 keychain flashlights with your blog logo on it to members until July 6th if they check out with the coupon code: learningtobeawife5off! Who wouldn't love that?! Happy Shopping!:)


Café Moka said...

I have trouble too to stay on track during the weekend!

Have a great weekend girl!

Ashley said...

Thanks!! i just made a purchase from there!! i have been needing a iphone armband for when i run.. but they are over price to me in stores!! found it for $3.85!! thanks for this post i love finding ways i can save!!