Friday, April 29, 2011

Fit Friday, Etc...

1. I know I have skipped Fit Friday! the last couple weeks. The reason? I've maintained the last few weeks so there isn't much to tell.

2. It's frustrating but I'm seeing muscle definition and making peace with my body. Progress, right? And Garth made a great point that we are making healthy habits - walking after dinner, making our meals, eating salad before dinner, etc.

3. I know slow and steady wins the race. I just need to be more disciplined because I know I eat a lot of processed food and too much sodium!

4. I'm ready to get more serious. Myrtle Beach is two and a half months away, eek!!!

5. In other news, Garth lost 4 lbs this week! He has been eating really well and playing raquet ball and lifting weights. So proud of him!

6. Did you wake up early for the Royal Wedding? I didn't expect to care about it but I became infatuated with all of it.

7. Kate looked gorgeous. I adore her tiara, so pretty!! The dress was classy and elegant, no doubt. I guess I expected more of it though.

8. I was so happy Casey went home on American Idol. I couldn't stand that kid.

9. I'm totally pulling for James to win it all.

10. My new favorite show is The Voice. LOVE.

11. The Office was so sad last night and I'm not liking Will Farrel on the show anymore, he just isn't funny to me anymore.

12. Wow. I watched too much TV this week!


Lauren said...

I wasn't too much into the royal wedding before today, but this morning when I woke up I was definitely running behind! Everything was just so perfect for them!

Jen Caputo said...

Good for you for making healthy choices and sticking with it!
I lost 4lbs this week too. Not sure how that happened but I'll take it.
I was so bummed about Casey last night, I loved that quirky dude! We didn't have time to watch the Office last night, I'm looking forward to it tonight though.

Lil' Woman said...

Loved watching the Royal Wedding...beautiful

Dana said...

Sometimes you just need to veg out in front of the tv.

a boy a girl and a pug said...

loved the wedding so fun!! and i totally agree will is not that funny on the's weird because i love him in everything. i'm going to miss michael scott so much :-)