Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Dieting - Day 3.

Three days does not seem like a long time, but it has gone very slowly over here. Thank goodness we are on day 3 because I am ready for this to end! I don't remember the diet being this difficult last time, but it has been tough. I am feeling great and can tell my stomach is much flatter so I persevere! I'm excited to weigh-in tomorrow and see the final results. I'll keep you posted!
Many of you asked about the diet, so here it is:
Black Coffee or Tea
1/2 Grapefruit/Juice
1 tbsp Peanut Butter
1 slice Toast

1/2 cup tuna
1 slice Toast or Cheese
Coffee or Tea

2 slices Meat (3 oz.)
1 cup String Beans
1 cup Beets or Carrots
1 small Apple
1 cup Vanilla Ice Cream

Blac Coffee or Tea
1 Hard Boiled Egg
1 slice Toast
1/2 Banana

1 cup Cottage Cheese or 1/2 cup Tuna
5 Saltine Crackers
Coffee or Tea

2 Hot Dogs
1 cup Broccoli or Cabbage
1/2 cup Carrots or Turnips
1/2 Banana
1/2 cup Vanilla Ice Cream

Black Coffee or Tea
5 Saltine Crackers
1 slice Cheedar Cheese
1 small Apple

1 Hard Boiled Egg
1 slice Toast
Coffee or Tea

1 cup Tuna
1 cup Beets or Carrots
1 cup Cauliflower or Greens
1 cup Cantaloupe
1/2 cup Vanilla Ice Cream

The rules: The diet works as chemicals breakdown and is proven to work. Do not vary or substitute any of the foods. Salt and pepper may be used but no other seasonings. No sugar. This diet is to be used 3 days at a time. In 3 days you will lose 10 pounds. After 3 days you may eat your usual foods but don't overeat. After 4 days start back on the 3 day diet. You can only drink water between meals.

See? It's not too bad. You get to eat REAL FOOD which helps, but I am seriously sick of tuna right now. And just a warning: You may NOT lose 10lbs, we only lost 5 pounds each the first time we did this. The reason is because this diet is created by doctors for cardiac patients who are very obese and need to lose a lot of weight fast before having surgery. But 5lbs is good enough for me so I'll keep pressing on. LAST DAY LAST DAY LAST DAY.
If any of you decide to do this diet, let me know - I'll be anxious to hear how much you lose!


Rachel said...

Wow I hope it works again for you guys. I would be worried that it would come right back as soon as I started eating normal again.

Jules said...

I've done this in the past to jump start new diets and it totally works. Like you said, it's only 3 days. I've lost between 4-8 pounds. Good luck and today is the last day...yay!

Meagan said...

Good luck lady!!! You have so much self control!

Erin said...

Yay for LAST DAY!

I hope it knocks off those last few pounds for you!

My cleanse starts in another week or so, but we have a family vacation at the end of October - so might do this 3-day diet right before we go...

sarah said...

You're almost done!

Great work!

Anonymous said...

I think I could handle that!! Thanks so much for posting it! You are doing soooo great!! = )

Tasha said...

Good for you!! This actually sounds like a pretty decent and healthy diet. And may I just say, from your pics the other day, you are looking so slender! Here's cheering you on! :)

recipes for the life said...

Thanks for posting the details of the diet.But I cannot do it coz I'm a vegetarian :(

Shanny said...

Thanks for sharing!!! And good luck, can't wait to hear how much you lost this time =)

Mrs. Dirnberger said...

After baby I am thinking this diet sounds great!!

The Rest is Still Unwritten said...

Holy wow that sounds tough! Good luck lovely! I just may have to try it!

Lindsey said...

Good luck with the last day! I would love to try but am also a vegetarian and breast feeding. Not so good for the baby I'd say!

katie + bret said...

Wow - That is intense. Good luck, I hope you see the results you guys want but BE.CAREFUL. You've done it before so you know what you are getting into but I just want you to stay healthy :) ok, mommy katie is done.

C said...

Hmm I would totally do this, if I only I ate Tuna. Is there anything I can eat instead??

Ashley said...

some of that stuff sounds kinda nasty (beets - ew! and i don't do black coffee or tea lol) but i really need something to get my eating in a better mindset - the exercise is there, just not the healthy eating. i think i'm going to go for it!! i'll have to wait until after labor day though - can't be eating wacky when guests are in town. :-)

B.E.A said...

Thanks for sharing! I'm going to give it a try!

Prissy Southern Prep said...

Good luck, dieting is the hardest thing ever for me! But, I continuously remind myself that I CAN do it. Is it easy? Heck no! Is it fun? Nope! But, is it rewarding? Yes!! So, again, good luck...I know you can do it!

New England Girl said...

Goodness... I don't have the dedication to keep up all of that good and healthy eating! :) But I am proud of you guys and can't wait to see/hear how the results go tomorrow! :) Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I am desperate to lose a few pounds (okay more like 30) so I think I'll try this. Do you think I could substitute grapefruit or cantelope for the banana? I'm allergic to bananas.

Lauren Kelly said...

I have heard of this diet before, my co-workers have done it!!

Justine said...

OoOo I want to do this! But I HATE tuna!! Is there something else I can substitute??

I can't wait to hear how you guys did! :)

Melissa said...

Ohh, I've heard of this "3-day Diet." One of my co-workers tried it last year. She lost 6 pounds! I just don't know if I have that kind of go! :)

Tara Gibson said...

oh wow, i could so do this! you get to have ice cream! haha

you have great motivation girl!

Brown Girl said...

Oh man I could never do that. My body would think it was being severely punished.

KC said...

Wow. Sounds intense! I hope it all works!! Maybe I'll try it as soon as I move into my new house! Thanks!

Lacey said...

I did this diet once! My trainer had me do it back during my pageant days. I actually didn't lose any weight so I've never tried it again. How exciting that you are on your last day! Yay!

Brett Alexandra said...

WOW! You are doing so good!! I need to try this.

Mrs. McB said...

I might have to try this. What type of meat did you eat the first night?

Amy Lynn said...

Hmmm, I might have to try it too! I especially like that you get to eat ice cream :)Can't wait to hear how much you lost!

Emily Jean said...

Sounds scary....LOL! But it also sounds like it really works! If I work up the nerve I may just try this!

Jenny.Lee said...

I'm excited for your weigh-in! Good luck over the last few hours. (I know they can be the toughest.)

bekah said...

Im thinking I am going to save this for after I have the baby and need to lose the baby weight

Ashley said...

Yikes! I need to try this.. trying to lose 10 lbs of baby weight!!! Thanks for the tip sweetie! ;)

Lil' Woman said...

Wow good luck girl! :)

Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

wow girl I'm so impressed! Good luck!!

Anonymous said...

Does the tuna have to be straight from the can and plain?