Monday, September 22, 2008

Go State!

This weekend was pretty great. Friday night Garth and I met at Chili's after work for some yummy food. Then we were off to church to do something we have been saying we wanted to do forever and that is join a small group. We finally got connected to a group after 2 years of procrastinating! I am so glad we did it. We met really nice people, most in the same life stage as us too. We got along really well. Our first meeting is this Thursday and it's at our place. I love playing hostess so I'm pumped!
Saturday we slept in and Garth made omlettes, my favorite! It was such a beautiful day so we went to the lake and took a walk and then played ladder golf. Then my brother, Eric, and his girlfriend, Jess, came over for the MSU game. I was so excited State beat ND!! Then we went out and played some more ladder golf. Afterwards, Garth made us delish pasta and then things got crazy! We played a pretty outrageous few rounds of the game "Imageiff." Loved it! Good memories.
Sunday we went to church and then went to my dad's work picnic with the parents, Eric and Jess. The food was fabulous and the people he works with were fun too. We played more ladder golf, and then we made up a game. Leave it to Garth and Eric to turn a simple game of catch into a competition!
After the picnic Garth and I grabbed a bottle of our new fave wine, White Merlot, and watched episodes of "The Office." What a perfect way to end a marvelous weekend.


Katie said...

oooh I love The Office.

And it is awesome that you found a small group to join that fits you guys so well! Sometimes it takes so long to find the best match...

Weeksie50 said...

Wow, what a fun weekend..
Okay, don't laugh.. but what in the world is ladder golf?

Anonymous said...

You sound like me and my hubby. We waited for 1.5 years after getting married to get in a small group - we just kept putting it off. Now we are in one and just love it! We love the other couples and hang out with them outside of the group setting! It has been a good experience for us and I hope it is for you and your hubby too!