Monday, July 7, 2008

Let the Adventure Begin!

I have been a wife for 4 incredible months, and 29 absolutey amazing days.
I am an expert carry-out orderer, dish cleaner, bed maker, vacation planner, floor scrubber, window washer, organizer, financer, and duster. My husband is an expert cooker, driver, BBQer, laundry folder, candlelight dinner maker, dish cleaner, garbage dumper, coffee maker, and expert steak maker.
I have learned that after living with 6 different girls in my college career, Garth is cleaner than all of them. He surprises me with candlelit meals, lotions, books, and bubbles. He likes to jump out and scare me (unsuccessfully). He can make me laugh even when I'm in my worst, stressed out mood. He cooks amazing meals and does our laundry. He supports me in everything I do and cheers me on.
Ok, so it seems we are a bit untraditional and I am still a work in progress. I am successful at printing out amazing recipes I am sure he will love...but am yet to make one. I try to motivate us to keep in shape, but do not have the heart to wake him up at 5a.m. (to go running) when he looks so darn cute sleeping sweetly. I have great intentions to do laundry but am too tired after work. I long to surprise him and make the coffee first but I can't seem to get out of bed.
Despite my lack of ambition, knowledge of cooking or laundry, Garth still thinks the world of me. But I want to show him I can master cooking and laundry. Join me as I learn to be a wife.

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