Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Early Wake Up Call

For the past two weeks Garth and I have been waking up at 5am to workout at the gym. We are both shocked at how much we are enjoying this! It is so nice to be on the road with nobody else and we feel so good all day long after a great workout. Not only that, but we have so much more time together after afterwards. Our summer schedule is 7 - 4 so we have so much time together after work and I am loving it! We come home, clean up, and make dinner together. By the time dinner is over it's only 6! We go for a bike ride to the lake or walk to downtown Wixom.
I love summertime married life. There is nothing like being outside with my favorite person doing what we love. It is also very fun cooking with him or without him! I made my first meal yesterday while he worked overtime. I was so impressed with my skills and patience! See I have a tendency to forget about the food but I set timers to remind myself and I made a delicious veggie chicken with edamame and he loved it! Mission accomplished.

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