Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Life Lately: Week 36

This is what the past week looked like.

He is so weird.

Trying a new recipe.

Crazy cloud sunset.

Living his best life.

Savoring the last of summer.

Qdoba burrito bowls are life.

New fave drink: Americano.

Guac is extra and so is he, ha!

Sushi lollipops.

Not my fave Patterson book. 

It was longer than it needed to be, but still interesting. 

Sign of fall.

A girl from our life group shared this illustration from our pastor and I just loved it so much I had to share.

Happy September!

Oktoberfest is back!

The socks! 

I can't even.

Really good lighting.

A much needed girls night.

Have a rice day!

It cracks me up when he uses the pillow.

Church and brunch with our life group.

What a creeper.

Blue Apron Roasted Chicken and Tzatziki.


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