Friday, July 14, 2017

June Book/Movie Review

A few weeks without cable and I'm back to being a reading machine! It also helps that I had really good books to read and would recommend all three to you. 

First up was The Matchmaker by Elin Hilderbrand. I always love Hilderbrand books and this one was no exception. It was a light, fun summer read that I couldn't put down. There is just something about her writing that just captivates me and I get sucked into the storyline. I think I've read about ten of Hilderbrand books and they are all set on Nantucket and now I want to visit. It seems like such a cool beach town!

Next up was Guilt by Association by Marcia Clark. This was my first Clark book and it will not be my last! I first fell in love with Clark while watching The People Vs. OJ Simpson. She was the lead prosecuting attorney in the OJ Simpson trial and Sarah Paulson did an amazing job protraying her. A few months later I was listening to the podcast Happier in Hollywood and the real Marcia Clark was a guest. She was so likable. She was authentic and funny. Well spoken and I just knew I had to read a book of hers. Her books are similar to James Patterson, but better in my opinion. I liked her book better because it wasn't as dark as Patterson's books are. It was a fun read and I can't wait to read more!

Lastly I read The Undomestic Goddess by Sophie Kinsella. I have read almost all of Kinsella books and loved them. This book might just be my favorite. I was instantly attached to the main character and interested in the plot. It's a light, easy read and I had to know how it ended. Kinsella has a gift for writing in such detail and creating such lovable characters. It was a fun read! Highly recommend! And now I wait a housekeeper! Someone cleaning the house everyday, doing my laundry and fixing all my meals sounds DREAMY.


While we were without cable we also watched a bunch of movies so here are my quick reviews:

La La Land - I think I built up too much hype with this movie so I was let down. I didn't enjoy it which shocked me because I adore all musicals. I didn't enjoy the music that much. I expected more vocal range and emotion and it just fell flat to me.

Beauty and the Beast - LOVED. I didn't think the extra songs they added were necessary and I wished Emma Watson had more range. Sometimes I felt like she was just talking and not singing which annoyed me. Josh Gad stole the show! Luke Evans also killed it and I enjoyed his Gaston interpretation. 

Nocturnal Animals - The worst. It gave me nightmares. It was so depressing and boring that we stopped watching it halfway through.

Moana - Loved it, but that's no surprise since Lin Manuel-Miranda was a part of it (and I'm still listening to the Hamilton soundtrack).

Do you have any book or movie recommendations for me? I would love to hear!

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