Friday, June 9, 2017

Life Lately

Date night to one of my favorite restaurants with my favorite guy watching the sunset on a perfect summer evening.

My new favorite beer right now is Bell's Pooltime Ale. While I wish I enjoyed it at the pool it was usually enjoyed while packing.

These flowers by my mail box are just unreal in color. 

We went to a friends' house for dinner and she is the hostess with the mostess with champs upon arrival. Fun times catching up, playing cards and eating dinner outside.

Fun times at work sling shotting water balloons at a target. No big.

Getting out of work early a few weeks ago and meeting G for a fun coffee date.

The prettiest and most delicious mac and cheese!

Packing. So much packing. Actually, more purging than packing. I'm really taking this minimalism thing to heart and it feels so good.

Enjoying the last few weeks at this house soaking up lots of time on the deck.

Also savoring time at the lake before we go. It's been so nice out!

While I am sentimental about leaving our first house and leaving a town that will always hold a piece of my heart I am super excited for our new house. Closer to work. Newer. Updated. Walking distance to an adorable downtown. And the thing I'm most excited about? A jetted tub! I cannot wait to finally have my very own jetted tub!!!!

So that's life lately. Date nights. Savoring the last two weeks in our house. Packing. Purging. Time at the lake. Living the dream.


anneseverydaylife said...

Peonies are my favorite flower, for some reason I can only grow white!
Is that a real pic of the new bathroom? Gorgeous! I wish I had a newer home, I was cleaning last night and thought its clean but dingy stained trim just makes it look old. Enjoy your new place!

Lindsey said...

Yes that's a pic of the actual house from zillow. Thanks friend!

mags said...

How exciting! Congratulations! Can hardly wait to hear about your new home!