Friday, May 12, 2017

Life Lately

After house hunting we go out for cocktails to discuss the houses. It's a new tradition we started and I like it.

We had a lovely bonfire a few weeks ago. It was such a perfect night. Listening to music. Talking. Relaxing. Gosh I will miss this deck.

Lake hikes were the perfect way to spend time on the weekends we had house showings. I'm so glad that part is over! I hated having to rush out at a moment's notice.

This candle just gets us!

More house hunting. We really wanted to be on this lake. It's close to work and our dream has always been to be on water. But I don't think this lake is in the cards. We have looked at every house in our price range and every single one has major structural issues.

More cocktails to discuss the houses we had just seen. 

We put an offer on a house in the sub across from the sub we are in now. It's a house we had been eyeing for over a year and it had just been flipped. It's lake front and we were smitten. It was way overpriced, but we gave it a try with comps to explain our offer. We went back and forth a few times but the seller wouldn't move from list price and wouldn't do repairs so we had to walk away. It wouldn't appraise for list and it needed repairs so we couldn't go to the top of our budget for something that could be a money pit. I was really so sad though. I fell in love with that house and the sunset water views. So we ate sushi and continue to pursue the dream that sets our soul on fire.

Cinnamon lattes with a coworker.

Sunday brunching two weeks ago. We went to a place downtown and it was seriously one of the best breakfasts I've had. 

Then we grabbed frozen lattes before gearing up for another day of open houses.

Last weekend we attended a Murder Mystery Dinner Party and it was seriously so much fun. I had the best time! It was just the break we needed from house drama to just laugh and solve a murder!

This past week we did more house hunting and grabbed drinks after to rehash the houses. We were in a new city so we tried a new restaurant.

We had the Veggie Gnocchi and Pickled Duck Tacos and both were so good. 

We went to one of our favorite places for drinks after putting our third offer on a house. We were excited and wanted to celebrate and talk it out. We found out the next day they were not willing to budge on price. It's a crazy market and houses are selling for over list price, but that just put us way over our comfort zone so we had to walk away from ANOTHER house. It's frustrating, but I know God has a house out there for us. We just need to be patient and keep looking.

This most recent weekend was much more relaxing. We took a break from looking at houses. Our house has already been appraised and passed inspection so we also took a break from house projects/packing to just rest. Cooked at home. Recharged. Hung out with family. Took long walks with Manny. Caught up on shows.

So that's life lately.


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anneseverydaylife said...

Isn't that so annoying!? I want to pay the price or under, I don't want to pay over! We ended up paying 1000 more than list price for ours. Good luck! Do you have to be out of your house at a certain date?