Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Life Lately

G and I had a fun date night last week. We try to go out once a week and since we didn't end up going out after church last Sunday we went out on a random Thursday night. We enjoyed a fun wine tasting.

Then we walked down the street for drinks and dinner. We talked. Laughed. Dreamed about the future. It was a good night. We came home and watched The Accountant. I knew the reviews were bad, but it had also been compared to The Usual Suspects so I was intrigued. Sadly, it was a disappointment. It had such potential, but a lot of the movie didn't made sense and just felt disjointed. 

I said it before, but I'll say it again. The Bath and Body Works candle Fresh Sparkling Snow is the BEST. It just smells so fresh and clean. Delicious!

G and I have been cooking lately. We made taco cups (7pp each) and they were amazing.

I am obsessed with Tasty Bite Vegetable Tikka masala. Half the package with a cup of brown rice is so good, filling and only 7 pp. 

Saturday was a low-key day at home. G and I walked Manny. I tried a fun new beer and binged This is Us. I had a love/hate relationship with Parenthood so I was not anxious to get into this series everyone was talking about. Finally after much persuasion from my mom and Jess I gave it a go and I was hooked. It's seriously so good! The acting. The story lines. The characters. Amazing!

Saturday night we checked out Suicide Squad and it was really good. I was into it. I will say The Joker was so good and stole the whole show. Recommend! 

Sunday was a fun day with family. Ella is seriously the sweetest. We celebrated her birthday and she had so much fun. She is so polite and adores her Uncle Garth. We were eating dessert and G got up from the table and I ate the last bite of his cookie. G came back and he was barely sitting down and Ella said "Lindsey ate your cookie." It was so funny!

Bennett and I listened to some Hamilton soundtrack and he even gave me a sweet smile as I sang "What'd I miss" to him. Then he fell asleep and I had some great snuggle time with him. Being an aunt is THE BEST.

So. Sweet. Ella is seriously the sweetest big sister and just adores her little brother. They play so sweet together. And Bennett loves the attention. And he is quite the roller right now. He loves to roll over and can even sit up for a few seconds. Adorbs.

We grabbed our favorite Thai food on the way home and it was everything. 

Now I'm off to celebrate G's 35th birthday! I'm so thankful for him and I cannot wait to spoil him and celebrate this special day. Follow along on instagram (@learningtobeawife) to find out what we are up to. Later gators!

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