Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Life Lately

Last Friday we had our Christmas party and the Grinch showed up! It was a lot of fun. Good food. Good friends. Generous gifts. The perfect way to kick off the long weekend!

I painted my nails for Christmas. I love this time of year!

Manny loves this time of year too.

On Christmas Eve we met my parents at their house and headed to church.

It was such a nice Candlelit service and we had great seats.

It was so nice all being together for the holiday. I haven't seen Brad in forever!

Ella is just too cute and those boots!

After church we went to Eric and Jess' for appetizers and drinks. Jess and Eric made quite the feast and it was so delicious! Ella was sitting at the table and I exclaimed "The table is so pretty!" and Ella responded "It's all for you!" Bahahaha!

Sweet Bennett with his cranial remolding helmet.

Brad is not so fond of children, but that did not deter Ella. She loved on him so hard and it was adorable.

After our yummy dinner we opened gifts. I was spoiled rotten per usual. I am loving my new Brunch Squad shirt. I also got a poncho, cardigan, leggings, pillows, gift card, scarf and sweater. So fun!

Manny got this adorable sweatshirt.

On Christmas morning G made breakfast and we sipped mimosas.

Manny got to open his gift. He got a Kong stuffed bear that was supposed to be super durable, but it only lasted a day before he tore all the stuffing out. 

G got me my favorite Rose, Whispering Angel.

And a Ninja!!! Because "you wake up the whole neighborhood with the blender you have now." Ha! I love it!!! I got him Manchester United flannel pajamas. It was a nice quiet day watching Christmas movies.

How was your holiday?

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