Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Life Lately

Sunday after church we all met at my parents house to make gingerbread houses with Ella. I also had some good snuggle time with Bennett.

This was the mini gingerbread house I worked on. It was fun!

I think this might just become a yearly tradition.

TA DA! Our complete gingerbread house was beautiful!

G and Bennett snuggled while we worked on the houses.

My mom and Jess decorated these cute cookies too.

My mom made this cake for a party and it was gorgeous! I just had to share because she worked so hard and it turned out amazing.

She also made these adorable Christmas cookies. So talented!

At work we are having a competition with the front of the office. We decorated this tree and thought we were pretty creative.

But the front office has an artist so it will be hard to beat THIS.

Speaking of work, here are my girls.

We had a hot chocolate bar and cookie exchange last week. Lets just say it's been so hard to stay on track with WW this month with all the yumminess.

We grilled this weekend in the cold and it is sure looking like Christmas. I cannot believe last year at this time we didn't have any snow. It was warm enough that we had a bonfire on the deck and listened to Christmas music. What a difference a year makes! We have over 9 inches of snow and it has been freezing cold.

It has been cold, but the sunrises lately have been unbelievable. 

And this is random, but I love this little snowman decoration. I used to hate it and make G put it in the basement. This year I'm loving him!

So that is life lately. Merry Christmas!!!!!


anneseverydaylife said...

It's so nice the relationships you've built with your co workers, I love the fun still you guys do! It would be nice to have that someday

Anonymous said...

Did Manny get to do a gingerbread dog house?