Wednesday, November 2, 2016

October Goals Revisited

Where did October go? Seriously. This year is just flying by! I’m not ready for the cold just yet. But I digress. Lets see how I did with my goals.

1. Lift weights twice a week. This goal was manageable and I found it easy to incorporate into my routine. I would lift once during the week and once on the weekends. I usually did a 21 Day Fix workout and I forgot how much I enjoyed lifting. I see myself upping this goal as the weather gets colder, but for now twice was the perfect balance to long walks in the fall weather.

2. Read four books this month. I blame it on my new obsession with Pretty Little Liars, but I only read three this month. They were great books though and I will have a book review up soon. I love reading before bed and the perfect Saturday is sitting by the fire with a good book and a glass of wine. Perfection! I knew four books was probably a little lofty of a goal for me, but I thought I would shoot for it. If I wasn’t binging on Pretty Little Liars I may have even accomplished it because I was between shows. Oh well. I’m happy I read three and look forward to reading more as the weather gets chillier.

3. Cook one recipe a week. The first three weeks G and I were motivated and cooking at home every night. Only eating out once a week. Grilling. Trying new recipes. We were on a roll! I’m not sure what happened, but we came off the rails the last week of October and had takeout every night. Oops. I think we did a bit TOO much cooking those first few weeks and it led to burn out.

4. Write in my prayer journal three days a week. I am back on track and so glad this is part of my routine again. It’s so therapeutic and just makes me feel so much closer to God. I light my favorite candle and sit at the table and journal my prayers and read from my She Reads Truth app. I love the time and the candle just makes it even more special!

How did you do with your goals this month?

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anneseverydaylife said...

I love your prayer journal routine. What special time that you give to God, it will be worth every minute.