Friday, November 4, 2016

Life Lately

Last Thursday my mom, SIL, SIL's mom, and I went to a Ladies' Night at this local golf club. It was Halloween theme so of course we dressed up.

We had this super yummy Witches' Brew to start the evening very similar to the above recipe. I def plan to make this! 

We ate this incredible appetizer and it ended up being my favorite thing of the whole night. I'm not even a date fan but it was bacon wrapped dates stuffed with blu cheese. Shut the front door! AMAZE.

Sisters. Jess showed Ella this photo and asked who it was and she replied "My Lindsey." Melt my heart!!!

We drank Merlot and listened to the cooking demonstration about what we were about to eat.

My eyes were definitely bigger than my stomach. There was meatloaf, cheesy bacon potatoes, squid ink pasta with chicken, ginger carrots, salad and bread. The potatoes were definitely the BEST. But everything was so good! Such a fun night!

The weekend was good, but as always it went too fast. We went to church with my parents.

Then we went out to lunch and I had the Shrimp and Scallops Pasta and it was heavenly. It was nice to catch up with my parents and enjoy their company.

The CEO brought his dog in this week and Colt laid right next to my chair and it was the sweetest thing.

My SIL sent me these adorable pictures of Ella and Bennett from Halloween. Gosh, they are just the cutest. It was a great Halloween! It finally was not raining and we had a good 200 trick or treaters. Oh, and G made a kick butt fire to keep us all warm after the sun went down. I didn't know who half the kids were dresses as, but good times!

Aldi has what I did not know I even needed. I got this super soft throw blanket and Manny is a fan.

Another fun find at Aldi was this Pesto Mac and Cheese and Truffle Mac and Cheese (not pictured). I am anxious to try them! Aldi also has amazing pillows right now that are so great I'm going to stock up on more and frying pans. Our frying pan is falling apart so I needed a new one. I big, puffy heart Aldi!

I was writing in my prayer journal yesterday morning and realized a year ago I started in this journal. It's fun to look back and read and see where my heart was a year ago and what God has done in that time. God is good. All the time.

I know myself and I've learned that if a recipe does not involve dumping items into a slow cooker I won't make it. So this recipe fit my requirements and I'm pumped to try it out this coming week. Looks yummy, right?

So that is life lately. Trying a new recipe. Staying cozy. Fun with family at a cooking class. Aldi fun finds. Time with parents and church. Halloween fun. Life is good!

What's new with you?

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