Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Life Lately

I finally cashed in my free birthday drink at Biggby and ordered a delicious skinny white chocolate latte with an extra shot. AMAZE.

We had a break from the heat so G jumped at the opportunity to have a bonfire. I was hosting a girls night and we were game for a bonfire. It was the perfect evening. Good music. Good conversation. Chilly, sweatshirt weather. Twinkle lights. Warm fire. Good friends. Lots of laughs. Perfection.

We tried out a new church and really liked it. The worship was so good. The building was so nice. The sermon was pretty good. I definitely want to go back when the main pastor is there and we have another church I want to try before we decide on anything. After church we went out for lunch downtown of our little town. I had the scallops and asparagus and they were delicious.

It was a fun little date. We tried fun cocktails, talked, laughed and enjoyed a relaxing Sunday afternoon.

Afterwards we walked around downtown because the Melon Fest was going on. An orchestra was playing Phantom of the Opera so we had to stop and listen. So pretty!

There were so many arts and crafts and this awesome Lego city. It was fun to walk around and window shop. We stopped into the winery and ran into old friends which was fun.

The highlight of the whole show for us was the Ultimate Air Dog Show. I could watch it forever. The pups were so sweet running and jumping into the water to catch a ball or Frisbee. It was great entertainment!

Then we came home and watched the Closing Ceremonies of the Olympics. Sad times. I hate when things end and I really enjoyed the Olympics this year and was sad to see them go.

So that is life lately. I just need to tell you about a fun weekend up north this past weekend and I will finally be caught up!


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