Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Life Lately

This summer has been jam packed with fun that I'm falling behind on documenting it all. A few weeks ago I went to a fun girls night with some of my favorites.

Felicia is the hostess with the mostess and she had these strawberry basil rum drinks ready as we walked in. Such a sweet summer treat!

We talked and laughed and more friends showed up and we drank prosecco. 

We ate cheese and crackers, shrimp, bruchetta, watermelon and dark chocolate almonds. It was the best night. Just what I needed. Time with friends who build me up. 

How crazy are these huge flowers in my parents' front yard?

I was so excited about this Vanilla Cupcake coffee, but you know what? I like my Aldi's vanilla coffee so much more. 

OBSESSED with this quote: "Anything that robs you of your peace is too expensive."

I am loving my morning devotionals with my new Beth Moore study. 

Such a pretty sunset on my birthday.

I am loving the Olympics. We are watching all the track, swimming, diving, gymnastics, and diving and cheering on USA and South Africa. I love the summer Olympics!!

I'm so behind in blogging, but on July 26th G and I celebrated ten years together. Time flies when you are in love!

I had a mid week pick me up last week. Ella and my mom came out and we swam in the lake on a hot, sunny day.

Then we went out to eat. Such a fun treat in the week!

So that is life lately. Stay tuned for my girls weekend, dad's work bbq, and a mom and daughter trip. Summer has been packed with fun and I'm still trying to catch up on documenting it all.