Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Life Lately

Can we just talk about this amazing sunrise? I was on one of my walks last week with Mann and I've decided it's worth it to wake up at 5:30 for this. The earth is filled with His glory.

G and I had a taco night and I decided to make sangria with it. I used vodka, can La Croix Passionfruit and white wine. Delicious!!!!

I was reading a blog and saw this recipe posted and had to screen shot it. I made these last week and G and I are obsessed. I even brought some into work and they were a huge hit. These are so easy and so yummy so please make them. You won't be sorry. 

Last Wednesday I met a few girlfriends for dinner at a new brewery that opened a few towns over. It was a gorgeous, hot, sunny day so we sat on the patio and drank sangria. Can you tell I was on a sangria kick last week? It was so much fun. I had the mac and cheese (of course) and it was so good. They forgot to add bacon and spinach so they took 50% off which was great customer service! And that pasta fed me three times.  Can't beat it! It was such a neat restaurant, I love this beer sign inside. Can't wait to go back!

This weekend G and I put our pool out and spent Saturday floating and reading. It was so relaxing. 

Sunday we celebrated the best dad I know. We grilled steaks and sat outside and chatted and spent good quality time together. Brad was in town which was fun and Ella was the cutest as always.

I love this picture so much! Ella with her grandparents splashing in her pool. We had so much fun in that little pool!

I'm trying to get into a new show since Damages is done. I started Grey's Anatomy and I love it because Shonda Rhimes, of course. A writing genius. But the hospital setting just stresses me out too much so I started Friday Night Lights and I could get into this. It's a little too much football for me, but it's well written and I'm into it.

So that's life lately. I promise there will be a day I write real posts about other things other than Manny and life lately. I'm slowly getting my routine and rhythm and feeling the itch to write more and go deeper with you all. Happy Wednesday!

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Kenya said...

I kind of want to start watching Grey's Anatomy but then I saw how many seasons and coudn't commit. LOL