Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Life Lately

The weather has just been crazy. Really cold and snow pretty much every day. So that calls for soup. I think the weather just start warming up this week. Thank goodness! Winter, you had your chance! You didn't come when you could have so go away.

Have you tried these? I'm obsessed.

Look who we caught red handed. We knew there was a raccoon burglar because G would find his bird feeder in the bushes or under the deck. So image our surprise when we caught him in action one evening. He's a cute little burglar. 

Once we got rid of the raccoon (by having Manny chase him away) the birds were back. We had a Blue Jay and Cardinal and so many others I can't think of their names. It was good bird watching!

I'm kind of into Kroger sushi lately. I have been eating it a few times a week for lunch or breakfast... Don't judge until you try it.

We have also been eating a lot of chicken stir-fry lately. YUM!

Two weeks ago we had our first monthly Supper Club. I got the idea from Kelley Pickler's reality show. So once a month a group of friends gather for dinner and each take turns hosting and deciding on a theme. My sweet friend Felicia hosted with a Kenyan food theme and it was such a blast. There was coconut curry chicken, naan, spinach and beef and one more dish I can't remember. Such a fun evening! I'm hosting next and I think I'm going to do Italian food.

Thursday night G brought home Thai food and we watched American Idol. How good was this season? I loved Dalton and was sad he didn't win, but I think he'll still be famous.

Friday evening G and I had a date night. We had wine, cheese, salami and garlic olives. Such fun! Saturday we walked Manny, cleaned the house and I binge watched my new favorite show Damages. I'm so INTO it.

Sunday I hosted a little fun brunch for a few girlfriends. We had spinach and feta quiche, hashbrowns, strawberries, chocolate croissants and mimosas. We had great conversation, good food and lots of laughs. It was perfect.

So that's life lately. Lots of food pictures. Lots of date nights. Good talks with girlfriends. Bird watching. Manny walks. Staying warm and waiting for spring. Life is good.


anneseverydaylife said...

Your post today made me so hungry!! I love raccoons, they can cause so much damage tho! But they're so cute and mischievous :) supper club sounds like a fun idea!

Jen Caputo said...

Oh cousin.. I have to beef with your choice in Idol contestants... With La'Porsha up there singing her face off I don't get how anyone could vote for anyone else! I could listen to her on repeat all day. And don't throw anything at me but I could have handled Dalton getting thrown off weeks ago. :P I just didn't think he had the chops. I liked Trent and La'Porsha the whole way through but I wish La'P would've won. I think she's my fave idol contestant ever.
Love your raccoon picture! So cute!!!