Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Life Lately

My mom, SIL and I went to a Girls' Night Cooking Class right by my house. My mom and Jess picked me up and we headed over. It was the perfect thing for me in my first week at my new job. It has been so busy and I'm learning so much and this was a nice break to just relax and laugh and eat good food.

You know it's going to be a good night when we get to the bar to order Pinot Grigio and they gave us the whole bottle. 

Aw poor preggo Jess drinking her water. We will def be back when she can drink. And probably again in May for Mexican night. This night was Italian night and it did not disappoint.

After we had our wine we had appetizers. There was bruschetta and a garlic paste on french bread. SO GOOD!

The garlic bread was incredible. The olive oil and garlic pasta was delicious. The brown butter ravioli was insane. The osso bucco was a little too fatty for me, but I'm glad I tried it. The star of the show was the the Spinach Au Gratin. TO. DIE. It was such a fun night and I can't wait to do it again!

Friday my sweet co-worker brought in flowers for all the girls in the office. It was also a half day so it was a great day! I did some grocery shopping after work, read, then caught up on my shows and took a nap. It was a perfect, lazy Friday. G came home later with sushi and we watched 100 Foot Journey which was so good.

Saturday I slept in, cleaned the house and walked Manny. Then we went to my parents and drove to church for Easter. Yay for Brad being in town!

Church was so good! After church we went to Eric and Jess' for pizza. We ate and just hung out. They were watching her parents dogs which meant LUCY. I love this dog so much. He is such a little cuddle bug and actually part of the reason I wanted to rescue a pit bull. Lucy is part pit and did I mention she is the sweetest?

How sweet is Ella playing catch with Uncle G? She has such a good arm and that girl can throw! And she loved catching her doll. I love her so much.

It was such a nice day. Very low key and nice to just catch up with everyone and laugh a lot.

Sunday I slept in. Walked Manny. Then we met my family at a Japanese Steak House. I haven't been to one in so long, but it was a blast. I forgot how fun it is to be entertained while you eat. Poor Ella was scared by the chef so we'll have to go again when she is a little bit older. She loved the food though!

We all did. The food was amazing. I had the steak and shrimp with fried rice and it was bomb. My mom had the scallops and they were out of this world. Such a fun lunch!

After lunch we went to my parents' house and Ella went on an egg hunt. She did such a good job! And she loved spotting the eggs and opening them. 

I didn't take a photo of the Easter basket we gave Ella, but it was cute. Here she is opening the Easter basket from my parents'. She loved Easter! Afterwards we sat on the deck all afternoon and talked and relaxed. The weather was perfect. Sunny and 70s! It felt amazing. The boys actually made a game out of throwing the plastic Easter eggs into Ella's Easter basket. Then they modified the game into the basket was one point and the coffee cup was three points. I wish I had a photo of how into it my dad, brothers and G were into this game. They literally played for hours while the girls chatted. 

Such a fun weekend! It just went way too fast. So that's life lately. Girls' cooking class. Church. Family time. Great weather. Good times. Good memories.

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