Thursday, March 17, 2016

Life Lately

Life has been a little crazy lately. G and I went away for a long weekend and had the most amazing time. Here is a sneak peek of our trip, which you've already seen if you follow me on insta (@learningtobeawife). I'll eventually sort through the millions of pictures I took and get a post up about it. 

Until then I feel like Manny under this blanket. Just an emotional basket case trying to soak up my last week at my job before starting my new one. Training the people to take on my roles. It's tiring, but it feels good knowing my work will be in good hands.

Last week a few coworkers met up for beers after work. I'm really going to miss seeing those faces everyday. 

The weather has been incredible lately. Sunny and 60s. G and I grilled this week and it just tasted like summer. Perfection.

G and I have been a one car family for a long time since we work together which was awesome. But now we need two cars again so we picked out my new car a few weeks ago and I'm loving my free XM radio while I have it. 90s on 9 all day, everyday. 

I went to lunch with a few coworkers and I got to pick so of course I chose sushi. AMAZING. 

This is totally random but I've been wanting to do this for a while and it's my blog so I'll do what I want. :) Just for fun here is a photo of G and I the day we closed on our house and the second picture is five years later. It's funny how so much has changed yet so much is the same.

Here is one more sneak peak of vacation. We went to dinner at this awesome Italian restaurant our first night and I had the pesto basil gnocchi (with wine, obvi) and it was one of the best meals I've ever had. I am still thinking about that pasta and I did ask G if we could go there the next night too. But we gotta stick to vacation rules (try new restaurants and no chain restaurants allowed).

I've been reading Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert and it's so appropriate for me with this stage of life I'm in. I've done a lot of things lately that have made me fearful. Interviewing. Taking a new job. Resigning at my old job. About to start a brand new job adventure. Big, scary life decisions. And fear has always been present. But I love the way Gilbert describes it. Fear can be a part of the journey. It's normal, even. It means you are stepping into the arena. You are living life. You are growing. But fear doesn't get a say in anything. It never gets to drive. It doesn't get to steal the joy. I love that. 

Last night we met coworkers for beers after work. The beer was really good, but the company was even better. Did I mention I'm going to miss seeing these faces everyday. 


So that's life lately. Long weekend up north. Last week at my job. Bought another car. Grilling. Comparing pictures from when we bought our house. Quality time with coworkers. Embracing fear. Life may be crazy right now, but it's good.

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anneseverydaylife said...

That's a ton going on! Hope the decisions continue to unfold before you and hope your new job will be filled with smiling friendly faces!