Friday, March 4, 2016

Fit Friday!

Lost: 2 pound
Total Lost: 31 pounds
To Go: 25 pounds

YES! I did it! FINALLY! I'm so excited! Insert all the emojis right now. So so happy!

Workouts this week:

Friday - 
Walked 5,067 steps
Saturday - Walked 5,133 steps
Sunday - Walked 6,049 steps
Monday -  Walked 3,101 steps
Tuesday - Walked 9,565 steps
Wednesday - Walked 9,958 steps
Thursday - Walked 8,189 steps

Okay this isn't accurate because I left my FitBit at home Monday so I was probably over 10,000 steps. And I left my FitBit off Tues and Wed morning somehow and I know I was over 10,000 those days too. I don't know how I got so bad at remembering to wear it. GAH! But I probably hit 10,000 3 times this week which is about my usual right now.

Eats this week:

Friday and Saturday we had Med for dinner. 

Sunday and Monday night I had pad thai for dinner and G helped me eat this as well.

Breakfast this week has been two TJ waffles with cinnamon. YUM! A nice change, for sure.

My lunch has been TJ's frozen brown rice, half an avocado and 1/2 cup black beans. Amazing! Thanks again for the avocados, mom! They were perfect!

Tuesday and Wednesday we ate tacos. So good! 

Thursday night I had TJ's mac and cheese. This is THE BEST.

How was your week?

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